Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Very Stormy Day

Friday May 23, 2008
Wow. This Friday was a very stormy, rough day in my life indeed. It was so dramatic that it was probably life changing on my part. There were a whole lot of tears shed and emotions and feelings and pain. I'm trying to share this in a way that I will remember but not be way too personal (not me right?!) and won't hurt anyone but I do feel that I need to perserve some of this for future reference. So let's see... this was a day that I learned to the core how VITAL trust is in marriage. I learned how important being open and having good communication in a marriage is. I realized the insane amount of stress my husband has in his role of providing for a family. I realized just how much his financial stress is affecting him in all aspects of his life. I really don't like to make excuses but the problems of our economy, especially with the ridiculous gas prices, rising grocery costs, and Robert's hours getting cut so much at work because of how slow they are- it's hurting us so bad. We were already barely making it and to add this to our already delicate financial standing are just blows to us that we don't know if we can take. I never realized how hard it is for my husband to be faced with this stress constantly and how much it really is affecting him negatively. But I also learned and felt through all this and all my worry and jumping to conclusions, that I was just going through a trial of faith. That faith was all I had and I had to cling onto that for dear life. I felt determined, and still do, not to fail these trials because I don't want to go through them again. This was a very trying day that has brought a lot of hard days following and that we're still trying to recover from but what a great learning experience and opportunity to build my faith in Christ and His Atonement.
366 Blessings:
#144- Family support through trials

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