Monday, May 12, 2008

Slowly but surely...

Friday May 9, 2008
Friday was pretty good and pretty productive from what I can remember. Yes, I know- it was only like 2 days ago but my memory is pretty hazy... as in I'm getting old. Anyway, during the day we just hung out (don't remember...) and here are some cute pictures of my cute kids. I half-way attempted to let my son "cry it out" so he will finally start sleeping in his crib and also doing the whole thing where you feed your baby, let him play and then lie him down to sleep and let him cry until he does until it gets to be a routine. I'm a weenie. I usually let him play and feed him until he goes to sleep. Then if he even fusses a little bit I go to him. I can't stand to hear him cry or fuss. But I know it's not good because he's controlling our bed, as in he'll only sleep if it's on our bed or Baily's bed and we're next to him. I've just got to buck up and get this taken care of. Anyway, I attempted this on Friday and this was the picture of it working- for like 20 minutes until he woke up and I wanted to get stuff done so I buckled and nursed him back to sleep on my bed. I will do better though. And these other 2 pictures are of them when we were just chilling at night before their dad got home from work. Joaquin's really starting to like to play with toys and putting everything in his mouth. And Baily is getting so good at her coloring- she's almost all in the lines and she concentrates so hard. They just need to stop growing up so fast already. The link at the bottom is just of them playing and having fun. Baily does this (runs circles around Joaquin) like 3 times a day and he loves it and gets a kick out of it every time. So fun. After everyone was asleep my internet was down which I was bummed about but it ended up working in my favor. I couldn't sleep for some reason so I used my time productively and FINALLY got my planner and goals organized and sorted through a lot of paperwork and got my to do list rolling. I can't tell you how good that felt. I finally have a sense of feeling in control of my life for the first time in a long time. After that was done I tried going to sleep but couldn't for the life of me- my mind was going a mile a minute. So I got up and started updating Joaquin's baby book that's been way behind. Eventually I finally fell asleep like at 5 in the morning but I felt really good about finally getting caught up.

366 Blessings:
#130- Getting organized

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