Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Baily 32 Months May 4, 2008

* She wears 2T-3T and a size 3 diaper
* She's still not potty trained.
*She sleeps in her own bed as long as one of us falls asleep with her and then sneaks out. She still gets up about once a night though and has to be taken back to her bed.
* She insists on dressing herself.
* This article about "I Do It" fits her to a T at the moment and explains how I feel.
* She loves watching all sorts of movies and only wants to do it on her own. We have very dirty DVD's lately.
* She says "gosha dangit" when she gets frustrated
* When I get mad she tells me "don't yell or I will smack your mouth mom."
* Time out seems to be working as a good means of disciplining her.
* She loves to count to 10 in English and Spanish (she has to have help though- can't do it on her own quite yet)
* She knows all her colors
* She's a little anti-social these days
* She gets a little jealous of how much attention her brother gets sometimes and starts acting like a baby
* She loves her brother so much and calls him "chunkers" or "keen"
* She's not on a schedule or routine and really needs to be on one.
* She's not eating very well these days- a small appetite
* She loves the carousel
* She loves playing with towels and blankets-folding and spreading them out...she could do it for hours
* She loves to color and is starting to color inside the lines
* Her tantrums are starting to not last as long- hallelujah!

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