Monday, May 12, 2008


Saturday May 10, 20008
Saturday truly was a special day. Despite my not getting hardly any sleep I woke up ready to conquer the day. The weeds in our front and back yards have been uncontrollable and have been weighing on my very heavy. Every day when I would go to get the mail I would feel all this pressure and disgust as I saw the weeds taking over our yard. On Friday I got about half of the back yard cleared out and about an eighth of the front yard so I was itching to get it all done. So Saturday was the morning of the death of the weeds. Joaquin chilled in his stroller, Baily did her thing playing outside, Robert cleaned the van (that was pretty out of control as well) and I pulled weeds. Can I just tell you how much I hate weeds?! Seriously... they suck! But in the same light, pulling them and seeing all that hard work's results feels pretty fantastic. I actually felt really good about myself while doing some good, hard manual labor. After a quick meeting with our Bishop and coming back home and finishing up in the yard, Gerald and Rachelle showed up. They decided to make a last minute trip down here just to spoil us and try to help cheer up Robert after his hard blow of not getting the promotion. So we finished up, got cleaned up and then we went to Olive Garden for lunch. It was sooo good. I'm pretty sure it's the best restaurant ever. I went all out and got the Tour of Italy. That's not to mention the appetizer we shared of the cheesy dippy things, minestrone soup, breadsticks and raspberry lemonade. I didn't mess around. I didn't even get to the lasagne but we had that for a late night left-over splurge (it's Sunday btw) and man was it tasty. After we finished stuffing ourselves like stockings we headed to Mills Mall to watch Iron Man- Robert's choice. I had absolutely no desire to see this movie, thought it looked stupid and I thought the idea of Robert Downey Jr. as a super hero was just dumb. I LOVED this movie. It was so cool. And no one could have played that part better than Robert Downey Jr. Joaquin didn't make so much as a peep and even though Baily was doing pretty well, when she started to get a little restless Rachelle took her around and let her play at the mall while we finished the movie which was so nice. After the movie Baily of course had to go on the carousel, her favorite thing ever, and this time she went with Grandpa Gerald. After that we came home and then Gerald and I went to Fry's where I did some light grocery shopping and filled up on gas then headed back home. Then we just snacked and visited and then we watched this DVD that they brought of this comedian Jeff Dunham. He's so funny. He's a ventriloquist and he's amazing. We had to watch the bleeped version and a little bit of it was a little too on the adult side but it was really funny. I didn't finish watching it though because when I went to go put Baily to sleep I crashed before she did. It was a day that was pretty much just sa-weetness.
366 Blessings:
#131- Olive Garden

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