Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I wanna grow old with you...

Saturday May 24, 2008
So this was a super, duper fun day and I pretty much have my little brother Alex to thank for all of it. Well I have to thank my hubby as well for being willing to let me have pretty much a whole day "off" from my wife/mom duties- so thanks babe! Alex and his posse got to my home on Friday night to stay for a weekend filled with fun. Alex's friends are such a fun gang. Anyway after we woke up and chatted it up and stuff we all got decked out in our 80's decor. I was resilient at first but I quickly got into the spirit of things once I saw how into getting all 80's upped everyone else in our day group was. Alex's friend Chelsea had brought extra clothes for me to wear so that was so cool of her. I got to do all the boys' 80's dos and I must say that I was so proud of Alex's Flock of Seagulls hairdo. It was flippin' awesome! I should've been a makeup or hair artist for movies or something. So after we were all decked out I bid farewell to my sweet family (I felt a small twinge of guilt as I left but it as ok) and we were off. What a spirited, full of life bunch they all were! It was so fun to be around them all and I felt so young again. We sang 80's tunes and chowed down on candy. Ok, talk about getting into the 80's spirit... we had Pop Rocks on our trip there. Tubular dude. We first went to Borders Bookstore on Mill Ave. We got quite a bit of quick 2nd glances and that was kinda fun. We browsed and ate a quaint little breakfast. Alex treated me which was the theme for the day. I have the best brother... Alex is so awesome! I feel so bad and so ashamed that anytime my family wants to do something for me they have to pay for me but I'm just gonna have faith that it will all change in the future and soon I'll be the one treating my family to fun stuff. Anyway after our yummy breakfast and browsing we headed on over to Gammage for the show. I wasn't so sure about the whole idea of The Wedding Singer being a Broadway show but it was really good. I wouldn't say it was like Amazing, but it was really cute and lots of fun. And I always enjoy seeing live entertainment and enjoying the talents of others. After the show we kept to the routine and headed to PF Chang's. Like last time people paired up how they wanted to, shared the lettuce wraps among themselves and then everyone ordered a separate dish and shared with everyone. It was quite the adventure and as always... super delish! I even tried calamari. It was pretty tasteless. But the lettuce wraps, the Mongolian Beef and the dessert shots... to DIE for! Oooh I love that place. So after we finished eating I insisted that we go back to my home. I knew I was thy party pooper and that everyone probably wanted to go to the mall but I missed my kids way too much and, TMI alert, I was leaking and engorged something fierce. The drive home was very peaceful and the sunset was so beautiful. Once we got home it felt so great to see my family and to see how excited my kids were to see me and how much they missed me. After a very long feeding my baby boy was out for the night. Then the party continued. Alex's friends had brought a Wii and a PS2 so we could play Guitar Hero and DDR and lots of Wii games. I've been wanting to play these games forever so I was so excited for this chance. It was sooo much fun! I have got to get a Wii one of these days. LOVED it!! Baily was a little bit of a pain since she was tired and cranky and wanted to play everything. It wouldn't have been so bad if she would have let someone help her but she's so dang independent she won't let anyone help her do anything. But it worked out and we ended up having a blast. Alex and his friend took Baily and went and got some good eats and even got us some Dairy Queen treats. Did I mention how spoiled I was by Alex. I love him so much! So after a long day of fun and excitement me and my kids crashed. It was excellent man.

366 Blessings:
#145- My brother treating me to PF Chang's!

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