Friday, May 16, 2008

Amazing what a good night's sleep will do.

Thursday May 15, 2008
So on Wednesday I crashed at like 10 as soon as I got Baily to sleep. I didn't even make sure we did family scriptures and prayer. I could barely keep my head up so as soon as Baily was out I was out. And boy did I feel so much better when I woke up. It really is amazing what a difference a good night's sleep can have on your day. I woke up feeling much more energized and ready to conquer the day. I opted out of getting up super early to work out before Robert went to work (he works earlier on Thursdays) but it was a good choice since I really needed that extra sleep. I had a pretty productive day. The talk I read today was Elder Rasband's talk called "Special Experiences" (link at the bottom). This was already special to me in the first place because Elder Rasband used to be Robert's mission president back in the day. I remember hearing it and loving the story he told about his and his wife's special experience in Peru. But that's all I really got out of it. I'm so grateful I can read the talks afterward because I really gain so much out of them. I loved this quote from his talk:
"As experiences accumulate in our lives, they add strength and support to each other. Just as the building blocks of our homes support the rest of the structure, so too do our personal life experiences become building blocks for our testimonies and add to our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."
It reminded me of Pres. Eyring's talk last Conference "'O Remember, Remember" and made me think about all the special experiences I've had in my life that have added to my faith in Jesus Christ. I also thought about how many of them I can't remember because I've not written them or recorded them and gave me a stronger determination to recognize and record these special experiences. Great talk. Today I got laundry and cleaning done. As I was doing one of these things Joaquin got a little fussy. When I realized he was quiet and I didn't hear Baily as well I got a little panicky as I always do when my kids are too quiet. When I went in to go check on them I found this- Baily had crawled into Joaquin's crib and was singing to him and hugging him to calm him down. If that's not the sweetest thing and if that's not tasting of the fruit of the tree of life (I'm reading about Nephi's vision in my BOM reading as you can tell), then I don't know what is. I silently said a prayer of gratitude for the joy my kids bring me and prayed to remember and be able to recall on this and other special mommy moments I have that bring me the sweetest joy possible. Later on I took the kids to the park. I am loving how cool the weather is this far into the year. Knock on wood. I do not want it to get hot and the weather has been amazing. I love it! While Baily was playing and J was snoozin' I was able to get my menu planned and grocery list made so that was cool. And then later when we got home Baily and I had fun playing with Play Doh for our "mommy time." I gotta tell you... I am loving this mommy time every day. Baily's loving it too- she gets so excited when I tell her it's mommy time. She just lights up. I'm already learning so much about her and it makes me kinda sad that I've not been doing this type of thing all along. I mean I've always spent time with her but it's never really been this focused and intense. It's great. When Robert got home I went and did my run and rushed back for dinner then he was off to an appointment with our Ward Employment Specialist. I managed to get my babies to sleep while he was gone, super early, and that just rocked. It's been a little rough but really sticking to this routine and being diligent about it is already starting to pay off. After Robert got home he fixed up his resume and sent it out to some jobs while I finished up my grocery list and planning and then we watched a pretty intense episode of Prison Break. And now I need to go to sleep so I don't get sleep deprived again. Cuz let me tell you... that's not a good thing.,5232,23-1-851-3,00.html
366 Blessings:
#136- How much Baily helps me with Joaquin!


Julie said...

so sweet how Bailey helps out! I love the idea of mommy time. Glad you got some good sleep, that s a make it or break it for me!!

Nicole said...

They are so cute! You are such a good Mom. Way to go!

Alex said...

That's adorable. I have to say that I'm incredibly excited for this upcoming weekend! WEDDING SINGER YO!!!!!!!