Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Birthday Updates

In my blogging slackerness I missed 3 birthday shout-outs so here they are.
Happy Birthday Alex! My top 5 favorite things about my brother Alex who turned 20(?) on March 30th:
5. He's hilarious!
4. He loves and appreciates fine arts!
3. He's an amazing uncle to my kids.
2. He's incredibly talented in acting and performing and writing.
1. He's one of the most comassionate, caring people I know.
I love you brother!
Happy Birthday Rachelle! My top 5 favorite things about my step-mom Rachelle who's birthday was on April 3rd:
5. She has awesome taste in fashion.
4. She is a great grandma to my kids.
3. She has a contagious laugh.
2. She makes my step-dad happy!
1. She's one of the most generous, giving people I know.
I love you Rachelle!
Happy Birthday Mackenzie! My top 5 favorite things about my little sister who turned 7 on April 21st:
5. She has a hilarious sense of humor.
4. She has the sweetest little voice.
3. She's been such a trooper with all the hard things she's gone through in her life.
2. She's so much fun to hang out with!
1. She's has the most tender and sweet spirit of any little girl I've even known!
I love you Kenzirelli!

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