Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nice and easy.

Sunday May 18, 2008
Sunday was super nice and easy. Just the way I like it. I woke up and enjoyed a nice breakfast of eggs and fresh, sweet strawberries. Church was real nice. I loved the lesson in Relief Society about prayer from the Teachings of Joseph Smith manual. There were great comments and discussion and I realized once again how truly grateful I am for the gift of prayer from my Heavenly Father. After Church we just snacked all day and watched a lot of Prison Break. In between episodes we had FHE. We did the Little People Activity from the May Friend. It was about seeds and planting them and watering them and weeding. Baily loved doing the actions. She really got into it and after we read it and did it with her she took over and was "reading" it and showing us what to do. After we learned about how Heavenly Father blesses us with food and how fruits and veggies come from seeds we made a delicious fruit pizza! It was fun cutting up the fruit, assembling the pizza and best of all, eating it! After we enjoyed we thought we'd share what we had left so we took a few pieced to our next door neighbor. He's a really nice guy that recently moved in. He lives by himself and works from home for fun but I think he's retired. He's always been real friendly to us. He was really appreciative and the treat brought him a big smile which made us feel good. I love seeing the happiness that service brings to Baily. She just glows when she's doing something nice or helping others. She's my sweet angel baby. The rest of the night we finished watching the first season of Prison Break. Man is it intense! I need a break though until we get the 2nd season. That was probably a little too much tv in one day but once in a while I don't feel too bad about it. Especially when my kids are happy and I get to snuggle with my man on the couch. Gotta love nice and easy Sundays!

366 Blessings:
#139- Cuddling with my hubby on the couch


Julie said...

cute family funn I do love fruite pizza!1

Malissa said...

What a great blessing!! Sometimes that doesn't always happen, so it's nice when it does!! I sure miss you!