Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Tuesday May 6, 2008

So yesterday was a bit of a rough one. It wasn't horrible but a bit rough. I had a bright idea to start potty training again yesterday. The approach I tried this time was to not make it stressful and just to put Baily in panties and help her get used to the idea of what it felt like to go potty. My calm demeanor helped in making her feel more excited about it and more willing to try wish was progress as she didn't want anything to do with it in my previous attempts. I stayed calm and supportive and encouraging up until about the 5th pair of panties and accident. I could tell that she was trying to keep it in because she would only go a little bit and then stop herself. But while I was in the shower she couldn't hold it anymore, and even though I took her on the potty a ton of times she just wouldn't go on the potty. I don't know if it was scary for her or what but as soon as I got her off the toilet she would start peeing again and then stopping. But yeah, when I was in the shower she couldn't hold it any longer and ended up peeing everywhere. I guess I'm gonna just have to take my shower early in the morning before she's awake while potty training. But I was pretty frustrated by this point. Even though I felt like yelling and screaming I didn't. So that was good for me. However, instead of sticking with it, I gave up and put her in a diaper. How is she ever supposed to get trained if I'm not consistent and don't stick with it after getting too frustrated after only one day?! So I was having difficulty with major feelings of failure and then like my emotions always do, I just have a chain reaction. I felt like a failure since I can't finish my BFL plan. I felt like a failure for not writing my mom like I want to. And so on and so forth. Frustrating. Sorry for the sob story. Anyway, besides the feelings of failure the rest of the day was ok. I got to sit and watch Idol which I haven't done in a few weeks. I loved the 2 Davids but especially my David Archuleta. I loved both of the songs he sang. And we ended the night with family scripture and prayer which is always a great way to end the day. I need to learn to stop being so hard on myself and just CHILL! I will get better. I actually am getting better and feeling better... really... I am;)

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