Thursday, May 08, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So yeah, once again in my blogging slackerness, I got way behind. I'm just gonna post what pictures I have instead of trying to get completely caught up with a single post for every day and overwhelming myself. ** Warning** Overload ahead. Feel free to skip if you'd like. This is just so I feel updated;)

Just having fun on Conference weekend.

This was a post on a blog that I love that was a real eye opener and pretty life changing for me. Check it out!

This was Sunday March 30th, Alex's birthday and we celebrated in Show Low. Everyone was there still for Beau's reception that was on the day before. Good times.

This was at the family dinner at Pat's Place in Show Low on the day of Beau & Eben's reception. It was so fun. My whole immediate family, except for my mom, was all there. Pretty awesome!

And this is us setting up for the reception. I think we did a pretty fine job!

This was at a family dinner at El Rancho while we were all up there for Beau & Eben's reception. So fun!

This is when me and my kids went with my dad and family to Old Tucson which was a blast! They were visiting here on vacation for a little over a week in tune with the reception and it was very good times!

This was the day my dad and family flew into town and the first time they met Joaquin and us having fun splashing in their hotel pool. This was Joaquin's first time swimming and he loved it!

This was our last day in Utah before we flew home that night and we were hanging out and having fun with my cousin Amy. Baily loved it at her house!

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