Thursday, May 08, 2008

Even more catching up.

This was when we went to my cousin Becca's house and hung out for the day. She's one of my very favorite cousins! Baily had a blast and Becca even baked home-made cinnamon rolls and the best bread ever for me. Heavenly day!

Here's just some shots of my adorable kids. I love them so much... *sigh.

This was just a fun little FHE activity we did that Rachelle sent us in the mail. Fun and simple.

Even though it says Cinco De Mayo this was actually just the Salsa Festival. It's a huge annual festival they have here in Maricopa and it rocks! We had a blast!

This was Mackenzie's 7th birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. I didn't get too many pics because this is when the flash on my camera decided to stop working.

This is just more random pics of my adorable kids. Aren't they precious?!

This is just a bunch of pictures of my kids having fun with their awesome dad. He's so great- I couldn't ask for a better day to my kids!

This was just a fun weekend at our house with Robert's family when all the nephews and niece slept over. It was fun.

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