Monday, May 12, 2008


Monday May 12, 2008
Today went pretty well and it was full of many changes that have needed to happen for a long time since our lack of routine in this house has been outta control. Since I finally feel caught up and on top of things I knew this was the week for major changes. I was up pretty late last night (like 4 am...) so I didn't wake up as early as I had hoped to. But I still got up in time to go work-out and get my rear in gear and back to BFL. So I'm feeling pretty good and motivated going on my merry upper body work-out way when all the sudden a whole crew of firemen come in to work out. And not just any firemen... no, no- that would be too easy. I swear they're like all the guys from the hot firemen calendar! (Btw... of course they don't compare to my hot hubby!) Talk about intimidating! Does this picture work for you Rachelle? And Julie- I didn't see Aaron there but you probably know the ones I did see. So yeah, I finished up my work-out as soon as possible and jetted out of there. But I have to tell you- talk about motivation! I felt so pumped and ready to do this challenge giving it my all. It was a good way to start. But one work-out with the firemen is good enough. I think I'll be getting my tail to the gym earlier so as to avoid that bullet again. After I got home I made a point to shower first thing so it wouldn't be such a hassle later in the day when Robert's not home and when I was trying to deal with setting new routines and what not. Then I got my kids and myself fed and dressed for the day, and got my scripture reading in first thing so I wouldn't be stressed about trying to fit it in all day. So I had a great foundation for the day. I also have made the goal to only get on the computer during my "computer time" at night after I get my kids to bed and we've finished up or nightly routines. Wow... talk about MAJOR computer withdrawal! I knew I spent a lot of time on the computer but I didn't realize just how much of an addiction it is to me. But I was successful and haven't been on the computer once until tonight! That was a big accomplishment. As for my other goals for the day, I sticked to my nutrition plan squeaky clean, and I stuck to my routine plan for myself just how I planned and that felt good. I didn't get half of the things on my to do list done but it was totally fine and I felt guilt-free because I knew for once that I did the very best I could and it also helped me realize that I'm not such a slacker and loser as I think I am. Just the daily to-dos with 2 kids takes a lot of my time so that's why I can't always accomplish what I want to all the time. Ok... sorry- I'm rambling big time. Anyway, it's gonna take a while to get Joaquin used to the whole baby sleep routine but I'm in it for the long haul and for once I'm not gonna give up after the first rough day. The good news though is that he's actually in his crib sleeping tonight and has been there for hours. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Baily did pretty well and really enjoyed the special "mommy time" that I've made a goal to have with her every day. That's 30 minutes of one-on-one time with me with no phone, computer or baby interruptions. She soaked it up and I enjoyed it so much and it seems like that simple 30 minutes helped improve her behavior all day. I did crack later in the day though and in my tired state and in an effort to get dinner done on time and laundry completed I let her fall asleep too late for a late nap which resulted in her falling asleep much later than I like. But we did get her routine down (I've typed that word way too much in this post!) and I stuck to my guns in not letting her fall asleep in our bed and even though it took a while, she's asleep in her own bed. That's 2 kids in their own beds folks. Hallelujah! I know this more structured, and badly needed, lifestyle will take a while to get down and will only work if I stay diligent and consistent. It's gonna take a lot of prayer and I know it's only the first day of these changes but it felt really good to have such a successful, productive day for once. And it also felt really good to not end the day feeling guilty and inadequate and overwhelmed. I'm so grateful for prayer for helping me get to this point and for Heavenly Father pulling me out of the rut I've been in for so long. And speaking about prayer, I just have to say how much I adore hearing my sweet little girl's prayers every day. She's insistant that I don't help her anymore with her daily and nightly personal prayers and she always wants to say the meal and family prayers. Tonight this was her family prayer: "Heveny Fadder, nice a daddy, thanks book Jesus (she was talking about family scripture study), Cwist, amen." So sweet! And this is my sweet boy doing one of his favorite things these days- splashing in the bath. Even though he's in the tub he still manages to soak the floor. He loves it! He so needs a bath seat because he's just too big for this baby bath. I have a long road ahead of me, but at least I'm finally on the road!
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Dustin & Ashley said...

You will get back on track in time! I should be ashamed of myself...I have no children and no real duties...but somehow my house manages to remain a wreck! I'm in a rut also so I'm sitting back and letting Dustin take care of that! hahah

Rachelle said...

The pic is PERFECTOMUNDO!!! :)

I'm with the other person who commented . . . I only have 2 little dogs at home and my house looks like post-bombing Baghdad!

Sarah, you're an incredible wife and mother. DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!

Julie said...

Oh lucky you to workout with the B Shift Boys we call one of them Abercrombie (because he looks like one of their modles) Aaron has a saying about working out If you look good doing it you are not working out hard enough!! So I am gald because my sweaty red face, butt sweat it not the cutest lol ;)
I love the bath video! He is so sweet