Thursday, May 22, 2008


Wednesday May 22, 2008
So I know that I woke up to a really cloudy, overcast day which I almost always love. Especially when it's normally miserably hot this time of year here in the valley of the sun. But instead of fully enjoying it like I usually do, it felt more like clouds of doom- clouds of anxiey. Usually before something bad happens in my life I can sense it before it happens... I get really anxious. It's an awful feeling. Sometimes I even feel that way when nothing happens at all. I really think I may have anxiety disorder at times. I start to freak out and just feel paranoid and worried. That's how I felt on this Wednesday- just very anxious. I found out why I felt like this later on in the week but during this day I didn't know why I was feeling like this. I think a lot of it was stress and lacking in faith. But besides the anxiety part the day was pretty productive and I was on schedule for the most part. I already talked about how I felt about David Cook being the new American Idol- shocked but happy. I really love his style and his voice and how nice and humble he seems. And these are just pics of my precious boy and his new favorite, only way to sleep- on his tummy. It freaks me out because of all the warnings about how the chances of SIDS is increased in babies who sleep on their tummies but seriously, the kids won't sleep on his back lately. I start him out that way and I'll check on him a minute later and he has rolled over. So what are ya gonna do? He's got to sleep. So I just check on him a WHOLE lot and pray for him a WHOLE lot. And that's how my anxious Wednesday went.
366 Blessings:
#142- The sound of Joaquin sucking on his po-po (pacifier)

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