Friday, May 09, 2008

And still more catching up...

This was my BIL's welcome home bbq. He had just gotten home from being in Afghanistan for about a year and a half. We're so grateful he made it home safe and sound!

This was the annual Elder's vs. Priests basketball game at our old ward. It was fun because Andre got to play against Robert. The oldies actually ended up winning after 2 crazy over-times. It was so fun to watch and spend time with our old ward friends!

This is Joaquin's first time in the high chair. What can I say... I'm a proud mom and I love taking pics of my kids!

This was when Baily got all her hair chopped off by my dad. She was hesitant at first but then she loved it. My dad did an awesome job. He's been a hairstylist most of his life so when he visited from Wisconsin we had to take full advantage of his mad skills. No more hair in Baily's face, no more screaming and throwing tantrums when I try to do her hair... it's just wash and go- perfect!

This was Joaquin's first time eating solids- rice cereal. Clearly he's not a big fan. He does love other baby food though.
This was the last day that my dad and step-mom and brothers were visiting from Wisconsin. We sure miss them! They really need to move down here pronto!

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Malissa said...

Nice job on catching up!! Joaquin is getting so big!! Eating big boy food!! Your family is so cute!!