Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pretty great.

Tuesday May13, 2008
So today was nothing crazy exciting but still pretty great. I woke up to a cool, overcast day which, besides rainy days, just happens to be my favorite kind of day. I had a pretty good run this morning and I can really tell that it's starting to get a little easier. I still sweat and pant and make ugly faces, but it feels better... I don't feel like I'm gonna kill over and die at any given minute. Plus there were no firemen to be seen so that was nice. Today was very productive for me and very low-stress. I stuck to the routine. I got my toilets scrubbed, I enjoyed my "mommy time" with Baily, and Joaquin was a bundle of joy. I got a ton of things crossed off my to-do list which felt really good. My sweet boy turned 5 months old today. Seriously... why is it going by so fast. It kills me. But oh do I love my sweet boy! He slept in his crib all night until 5:30AM when he needed to be nursed. That's huge and it made me very happy indeed. Baily had fun today and was a pretty good little girl. I made sure to not let her nap so we had an afternoon filled with hide and seek, playing with her blocks making temples and buildings, and going to the park and enjoying the absolute most perfect weather ever. I didn't want the day to end because seriously... the weather was immaculate! Loved it! But we did have to come home for it was Idol night. I've said from the beginning of the top 12 that it was gonna be the 2 Davids in the top 2 and after tonight I'm sure of that. And to be honest I really don't even know why Syesha made it this far. I was so over her a loong time ago. But no matter- I love the 2 Davids. I'm still not completely sure who I want to win it all but I do have to say that David Cook is the one that did it for me tonight. And to be fair I really think Archuleta would have been on top if he had had better song choices. They all pretty much stunk and he still did pretty well. Since I was feeling good about everything I accomplished for the day and I was right on with my routine goals I let myself indulge a little and watch Dancing With The Stars. I haven't been very loyal to this season and have only been catching bits and pieces every once in a while. They're down to their final 3 and I'm pretty sure I want Cristian DeLafuente to win. He's so likable, he's hot, he's Hispanic (I seem to have a weakness for Hispanic men;) and what can I say- I love Cheryl! I hope he wins. After Robert got home and finished dinner we said our family prayer and I got Baily to sleep so quickly. The no nap thing is awesome! I wish it were that easy everytime. And Joaquin was already fast asleep... in his crib. Yeah baby! So with them being to bed so early Robert and I got to finish the last 2 episodes on our 3rd disc of Prison Break. I pretty much love that show a bunch! It really rocks. And now here I am once again. Today really was pretty great and I'm pretty grateful for that.

366 Blessings:
#134- Overcast days


Julie said...

your too funy about the Fire Boys if you knew how gross they really were it would not stress you, glad the running feels better that is the best!! J is so sweet can't beleaiv he is five months

Malissa said...

That day was the perfect weather day!! It even sprinle tinkled on us a little bit! I love it!! I'm happy you had such a great day!!