Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lazy, lazy day

Wednesday May 28, 2008
On this Wednesday Robert had the day off but he had to leave early to go and take his US Citizenship test. He passed... wahoo! The rest of the day from what I can remember was pretty lazy and still a little rough but a bit smoother than some of the previous days. We got another kick to the stomach when or water got shut off for the bill not even being a month late and even after payment arrangements were made. So even though my step-parents were there to help us, which we are so very grateful for, we opted to wait until the next morning to get it turned back on so we wouldn't have an extra $100 added to the bill. So that stunk. An upside to that day though is that Robert finally opened up a lot to me about some of the issues he's having and we were finally able to have some neccessary, good communication. I learned things that I never knew and was brought to a realization on a lot of issues I'd never before considered. Communication and trust are so very important in a marriage and I hope that we always remember that from what we've learned through these trials we've been facing. And that's all I remember about this day. Oh and I watched So You Think You Can Dance to start off this summer's season and I'm so excited. I absolutely love this show- probably one of my very faves!

366 Blessings:
#149- Totino's pizza making dinner possible for less than $5

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