Monday, May 12, 2008

Being a mom is the best!

Sunday May 11, 2008
What a perfect day today was! I love Mother's Day. I love celebrating all the mother figures I've had in my life and I love celebrating being a mom. It's one of the best things in my life in addition to being a wife to Robert. This morning I made a yummy breakfast of waffles with strawberries and whipped creams, crispy bacon and eggs. Then it was a rush to get ready, clean the kitchen and get dinner in the crockpot before going to Church. That's celebrating being a mom in true fashion- doing mom stuff. Gerald and Rachelle were still here so that was nice and Baily loved having them to pay attention to her. She just soaks it up. Church was good. The talks in Sacrament were really nice and I didn't get to really hear Sunday School since I was nursing Joaquin. I loved Relief Society. It was one of the lessons that really made me think and ponder which I love. I don't really know the teacher but this was the 2nd time I've heard one of her lessons and I really like her and am impressed her. She's very intriguing and humble. Anyway the lesson was from the Teachings of Joseph Smith manual and it was on gifts of the Spirit. It's not a widely common topic so it was good to touch on this and really ponder it. It really made me think about what spiritual gifts I've been given and what I could do better to be more available and worthy to receive more of these gifts. I really feel like one of my gifts is my testimony of Christ. It's always been with me- I've never once doubted Him. I've doubted many other things before but never Him. It's like I've known forever. I'm so grateful for this gift and I know without a doubt that it's been given to me to prepare me and help me get through the many trials I've had to face in my life. So yeah, it was a good lesson. After Church we just relaxed and had a nice easy-going Sunday. Just the way I like it. We took pictures of my favorite things to take pictures of- my kids. I'm sooo grateful to have the wonderful blessing of being a mom and having 2 healthy kids. They are the loves of my life and words cannot express how much joy they bring to me. I wouldn't trade my life as their mom for anything in the world. And I wouldn't want to have anyone else's children besides my husband's. Being a mom is one of my most treasured blessings. Words can't express how I feel about this. Anyway, we had a nice pot roast dinner (it was actually kinda dry- I'll get it perfected eventually) and then we took a walk down to the park. I played with Baily in the sand and Robert played football with a bunch of neighborhood people. Then we did more walking around the neighborhood. It was bee-au-tiful out. The sunset was gorgeous, the weather was perfect and there were no mosquitos! It was blissful. We got home and sat outside for a little while until the mosquitos made their nasty appearance then came back in, had some yummy chocolate cake that Robert and Baily made for me for Mother's Day and then had FHE. I'm really bummed that I haven't got my May General Conference Ensign yet because I wanted to use Elder Ballard's talk since it would be perfect for Mother's Day. We ended up reading Pres. Hinckley's article on the Savior from the March Ensign though and it was great. Afterward we discussed our favorite role that the Savior has for us personally and the things we're personally most grateful for Him for. Then we had a small little discussion with Baily about how Jesus makes us happy and how much He loves her. After that we pigged out and then Robert and I watched 2 episodes of Prison Break while Baily played around. And now here I am. It was a pretty perfect day although it was a little rough for me not being able to talk to or be with my mom. I love her sooo much and she's my very best friend next to Robert so Mother's Day is always a little bitter-sweet for me. But my brother did get to visit with her and said she was in good spirits and got Baily and I's cards which did my heart good. So besides just missing my mom a lot- today was pretty much a perfect Mother's Day!

366 Blessings:
#132- Being a mom!

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Happy momma's day sweet sarah!