Thursday, May 08, 2008

Trials in Faith

Thursday May 8, 2008
So yesterday we experienced and realized we have some trials of faith going on. First I realized a couple of days ago a slight pain in my toothe but I quickly shrugged it off not wanting to face the fact that I might have another tooth problem. My whole life I've always had bad problems with my teeth and I HATE it! I seriously would rather give birth than have a toothache. It's my biggest curse. I just have really bad teeth. So yesterday as the day went on it kept getting worse and worse. I took a lot of Ibuprofen and just prayed my heart out to have the strength to handle it and not get frustrated or angry and mad like I usually do. Then my husband found out that he didn't get this job promotion at work that we were SURE he was going to get. He was very disappointed and it broke my heart seeing him like that. He took it very hard and all I can say is his work is retarded. So that was super disappointing. Then we found out we aren't getting our stimulus check direct deposited like we were COUNTING on but that it will be mailed and not until next month some time to top it off. But all this time I just kept feeling this assurance that these are just trials of faith and that Heavenly Father's testing us to make sure we're worthy of greater things he has in store for us. I can feel a major difference in my attitude and outlook on life since I've read that Ensign all about the Savior. So during the day I really just chilled and took it easy and tried not to think and dwell on these things. Baily had fun watching her new "Buzz and Buddy" (Toy Story 2) DVD as you can see. When Robert got home from work we ate dinner and then he wanted to take us out for ice cream to try to cheer himself up. He didn't end up even getting any ice cream but Baily and I sure enjoyed it. After we got home Robert decided to go on a nice long bike ride to try and clear his mind. I got the kids ready for bed and ended up snoozing while I was putting them to sleep. I woke up with a phone call from my brother which I always love and my tooth was just throbbing with pain. So I asked Robert to give me a blessing and it was so sweet. I think it was meant for both of us. As soon as he said amen the pain eased a ton and I'm so grateful to say that I haven't felt pain since. It's truly a miracle and I am so, so grateful to have a husband who faithfully holds and uses the Priesthood in our home. What a great blessing! After that I was in reading the Ensign and Baily (she hadn't fallen asleep apparently) came running in and grabbed "her" scriptures- The Book of Mormon Stories. She was letting us know it was time for family scriptures and prayer. Then Robert came in and said we need to read and that was a super sweet moment for me. I could feel that these simple practices were important to my family just as much as they were to me and that's the greatest feeling ever. After we read Baily said her sweet little prayer that consisted of saying "Hevy Fadder, help daddy happy, Cwist, amen." So sweet. Then I said our prayer and it just felt so good. Even though it was a stressful day I really feel like for once, we were faithful through our trials and we've already been blessed for it. I can't explain how grateful I am for the gospel in my life!!

366 Blessings:
#129- My husband worthily holding and faithfully using the Priesthood.

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Karen said...

thanx for sharing your testimony of Faith. It's so nice when you can see the blessings and know where they came from. You are awesome Sarah!