Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I just want to take a minute to celebrate and recognize all the mother figures I've had in my life. I come from a very blended family so there's been a lot and I've been so blessed to have them each in my life. I love each and every one of them with all my heart!
First there's my mom, Kerri. Besides Robert, she's my very best friend. She's had some rough times but I've never, ever doubted her love and loyalty to me. She's come a long way and has taught me so much about and been such an amazing example to me of love and compassion. I love her and miss her sooo much!
This is my dad's wife, my step-mom Patty. She has been one of my dearest friends ever since I was little and she first started dating my dad. She's been there for me through thick and thin. She never tried to push herself on me, she's so much fun to be around and she's truly me dad's soul mate. My life would not be the same without her being a part of my life. She's been a great mom to me, my brothers and an awesome grandma to my kids. Oh how I love my Patty!
Next is my step-dad Gerald's wife, my step-mom Rachelle. We've had some rough patches but she's been such a blessing in my life. She's always trying to help in any way possible. She's so generous and she brings so much joy to my step-dad. She's very giving and has done so much to help me and my family out and I will always love her for that! She's one of my great friends and she's an awesome grandma to my kids. I love her very much.
Next is my GrandmaBrown, my Abuelita. She's been a central part of my life and a huge part of raising me and teaching me. She's one of the greatest Christian women I know and has such a strong testimony of Him and truly tries to live like Him which has always been a great example to me. She has helped me in so many of the hard things I've gone through in my life and I know I can always count on her for her love and support. I love her so very dearly!
Next up is my mom's mom, my Grandma Willis who passed away quite a few years ago. Oh how I miss my Grandma! She has been one of the most influential women in my life and the probably one of the most righteous examples. Growing up living with her for a large majority of my life I gained and learned so much from her example. I always felt loved unconditionally by her and she will always have a great impact on my life. I'm so blessed to have been her grand-daughter. I love and miss her so very much and look forward to the day when I can be held in her loving arms again!
This is my Mother-In-Law Candelaria. She holds a very dear place in my heart for raising the most wonderful man I am blessed to call my husband. She raised 4 kids on her own and I must say she did wonderfully with my husband. She is by far one of the most caring and compassionate people I know and is such a great example to me. Robert holds her on a very high pedastal and I love that. My kids adore her and she adores them. Oh how I love my Cande!
And I don't have pictures but I also want to mention my dad's mom Grandma Holwick. I was pretty young when she passed away but I have very fond memories of her and feeling very loved by her. I love hearing my dad talk about her- he just lights up. She was a wonderful woman with a great heart and I love and honor her memory so very much.
I also want to recognize my step-grandma, Patty's mom, my Grandma Roath. She lived in Wisconsin so I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I would have liked. But I treasured the time that I did get to spend with her. She was always so fun and loving and had such a warm spirit. I miss her tons and I just love her so, so much!
And lastly I want to recognize my 2 Aunts, my mom's sisters, Aunt Konny and Aunt Kathy. They were both a big part of my life growing up and still are. They've been there for me in so many ways and I know I can always count on them to be there for me. I love them dearly, with all my heart!
All of these "mothers" in my life have helped me and shaped me to be prepared for my most sacred, treasured calling of being a mom to my 2 precious babies and for that I will always be grateful! Being a mom is the best part of my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Thanks all of you and I love you all forever!!!


Farnsworth Family said...

Okay so it has been forever since you left me a comment and i totaly spaced it until I found your blog. Your little ones are so cute. Your girl looks just like you I can't believe it. Your blog is so cute. I love all the fun colors. I hope you had a good mothers day and I will talk to you soon.

:O) Jess

Rachelle said...

I miss your Grandma and Grandpa Willis too! I think about them alot. I always remember Bud's laugh and the way his nose would skrinkle up. I miss helping your Grandma get ready for church because "Bud doesn't know how to do it right". She always would tease him about that. I'm sure he managed just fine before I came along. Remind me some time to bring you an old photo album that I found. It has alot of pictures of your Dad's family in it and lots of pictures of your Mom and you guys when you were younger. I keep meaning to bring it to you and then senility sets in. They're really special pictures and I want to make sure that you get them. Luv u guys!

Julie said...

What fun mohters day thoughts