Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Thursday May 22, 2008
I know this was a pretty good day because it was stormy and rainy all day and I LOVE it when the weather's like that. Baily was loving it too. We were listening to soothing, beautiful music, my house was clean and under control, I was on schedule and it was just a good day all in all. That night we had our big Relief Society Enrichment meeting. The theme was Survivor Night and it was pretty fun. I was a little sad to see how few sisters showed up. We have such a big ward and it seems like there are just so many inactive sisters which is sad. Anyway the meals were brought in by the sisters and the plan was supposed to be that the food was to be made of or food storage. Well I being the sucker I am volunteered to bring a meal in. I had absolutely no idea what to bring but after much searching (thank you Internet!) I decided to use some Bisquick mix and make a chili cornbread bake thingy. I made it up as I went and I think it turned out pretty well. The meeting was fun and I was glad to get to know more of the sisters in my ward a little better. Even though we've been in this ward for over 3 months I still feel so new and like I don't know many people. They had 2 classes on temporal survival and spiritual survival then at the "tribal council" they quizzed us on what we learn and we all got a prize. Pretty fun. Oh and I remember that while I was running in to bring in the food (I was running a little behind) I slipped and fell in the wet rain- not fun. So for future reference... don't run in the rain while holding hot food and wearing flip flops with no grip soles. I'm just glad my casserole dish didn't shatter and food spill all over me!

366 Blessings:
#143- Rain!

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