Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Tuesday May 21, 2008
Tuesday was probably spent with a good run and workout in the morning and sticking to my routine and cleaning bathrooms. I know it doesn't sound like much but I feel so good when I'm on and getting things done how I want to. I took these pics of my sweet boy to show how he's doing awesome on his tummy. He rolls over all the time and... well I'll save how he's progressed with that for a later post. But at this time he was doing so well with his rolling over and keeping his head up and supporting himself on his tummy. And of course I had to throw in some of my precious girl. My kids rock! It was also the showdown of the 2 David's on American Idol that night and I remember at the end being so torn about who I wanted to win. I loved David Cook but I think that in the final show of singing David Archuleta did the slightest bit better. But I would have been happy either way. When I found out that Cook won I was really surprised because I was sure Archuleta had it in the bag but it was a pleasant surprise. As much as I love Archuleta I think Cook was way more seasoned and ready to put out a great CD. I will probably get both of their CD's though. And that's all I remember for this day.

366 Blessings:
#141- Snuggling and giggling with Baily

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