Monday, May 05, 2008

Shopping 'Til We Were Dropping

Saturday May 3, 2008
Saturday was pretty great as well. We didn't end up doing what was planned but it was fun anyway. We planned on going to the zoo but we got a late start and had things to do that made it too late to get out there. First up was me getting my order from Bountiful Baskets. Man I love them! Check out all this fresh, beautiful produce. For $15! Seriously... it's great. I was so excited about it. Gerald and I had one the grapefruit that morning for breakfast and it was perfect. Yum. So after I got that done I got Baily ready and she went with her grandparents to Mesa where Rachelle had a photo shoot planned with her biological mom. While they were doing that Robert and I got ready, we loaded Chunkers and then we headed out. We stopped by T-Mobile with no luck in finding what we were looking for and then went to Target. While we were there I got my early Mother's Day gift... a new digital camera. Wahoo! My old one's flash gave out and I was really bummed about it. But I love my new camera- it's got more megapixels and it's so cute and dainty. Thanks babe! After we left there we went to AZ Mills mall where we planned on meeting Gerald and Rachelle and the Bug to go to the zoo but since it was too late we just met them there and did... what else? Shop! It was a long day but we had fun and the kids did pretty awesome. For lunch we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. Besides the not-so-great service, it was fun and really good. It was practically like being in a zoo so we didn't feel so bad about not going to the actual zoo. Baily was pretty amazed by all the animals and effects. I had the coconut shrimp and it was delicioso. Baily got to ride the carousel and you would think it would have been Disney Land. She LOVES the carousel. And I just love seeing her excitement and joy as she rides it. Being a mom is the best! After we finished up our long day of shopping we grabbed some grub at El Pollo Loco and headed home. Robert and I got I am Legend to watch and some ice cream for dessert. Dinner was good. We miss having El Pollo Loco as often as we used to when we lived in Mesa. It's good eatin'. After we ate and the kiddos were fast asleep we ate our ice cream and we attempted to watch I Am Legend. Love that movie. Rachelle and I didn't make it to the end but Gerald and Robert did. Then it was off to la-la land. Fun times!

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#124- How much Baily adores "Gampa" Gerald

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