Saturday, October 18, 2008

Womanly Joys

Thursday October 16, 2008
Yesterday I was suffering from my oh-so-lovely womanly issues. P-M-S. Yip. Pee. I missed my morning walk which I was bummed about but I really needed the sleep as my sweet little boy woke up multiple times throughout the night and I was up with late night worries for a while. Plus I knew it was just an easy walking day so I didn't feel as bad. I spent most of the day craving things like pasta and pizza and chocolate and soda and fries and way too much time thinking about it. Baily had crazy dress up day at school so this is what she looked like. Pretty crazy eh? I think she looked quite adorable. I never realized how self-conscious she was or into what she wore until yesterday. She was a little excited at first to wear crazy clothes but then she was embarrassed and kept saying "mom I look dumb" and she begged me to change her. But once she her friend and her friend's mom came to pick her up she was ok. And the thing in her hand was my flute. Her show and tell had to start with an I and instrument was the only thing I could think of. Later on that evening after I finally got my rear in gear and got my house picked up I went to our ward's Cub Scout Pac Meeting. It was fun and the boys were so cute and had us adults cracking up at times. I sure do love those boys! There were some things discussed though that caused some frustration and by the time I got home I was one stressed out momma. I had like 4 big things on my mind that I was very concerned about and worried about and I just couldn't calm down. My poor husband suffered my wrath I'm afraid so I decided the best thing to do was just go to sleep. So I went to sleep like at 9:30 and thankfully, for me and my family, I crashed very quickly. Oh the joys of being a woman and dealing with stress;)

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