Monday, October 20, 2008

I miss her already!

**Warning- This post contains brief nudity of the cutest little cheekies you'll ever see!
Sunday October 19, 2008
Yesterday was a pretty ok day except for the fact that I hate how little self-discipline I have. I can't say enough how grateful I am for repentance and the blessing to take the Sacrament and renew our covenants each week. The kids and I just hung out in the morning then got ready for church. While we were at church Gerald and Rachelle (my step-parents) came to pick up Baily to take her to Show Low until Wednesday. Gerald has a few days of work off and they wanted to spend some time with her, especially before we make the big move. She was excited and I know she'll have a blast but I'm still gonna miss her like crazy. I won't be as bad as last time she was gone though because I know she'll be ok. It just feels so weird at home, so not right, when she' s not there. But like I said, I know she'll have a great time and she was pretty excited to go. After church we had a Primary Teacher training (just 20 minutes) that I went very well. Jessica did a great job and I'm so, so grateful that I got to work alongside such an amazing woman. She had taught me so much. After that we had a meeting with a member or our Bishopric and the Cub Scout Committee to discuss some concerns we've had and it went so great. We got a lot of issues resolved and I left feeling so much better about things. I'm really going to miss working with Cub Scouts and my calling:( After I finally got home I was starving at it was about 6ish. Robert got home from work shortly after J and I got home. I was planning on going to our stake Relief Society Enrichment Fireside but I knew I wouldn't have enough time to eat and get there and that I wouldn't be able to spend much time with my boys if I went. So I was bad and I ditched... I know... I'm a bad girl. But I did have fun spending time hanging out with my boys after we ate. Joaquin actually chilled with his dad on the couch and I was so jealous that he never does that with me. I love that they had this bonding time though. And I guess Joaquin felt at liberty to be nakey since his sister wasn't there because he not only took off his diaper once, but twice!
He's never done this before. LOL! We were cracking up. (Beau does this bring back any memories?! LOL!!) He really does have the cutest cheekies I've ever seen if I do say so myself. And for some reason I was extremely tired so I think I fell asleep like around 9. I'm so boring I know.

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Malissa said...

Those are definitely some cute cheeks!! I hope you have a list of chores to do while Bailey is gone!

Nikki Nielson said...

Those are some cute cheeks! Love the hat too! I can't believe that you like Dr. Pepper with lime! I am so excited, everyone thinks that I am crazy that I love that and now I can say there is someone else who loves it too! It must be in our genes!

jes said...

what a cute little dude!
wow, wisconsin!! how awesome though! i sometimes think it would be so fun to move some where new and just begin again. best of luck to you guys!

Andrea said...

"I wanna be a COWBOY, BabY!" Good, now I'll have that song in my head all day! :) Those are mighty cute cheeks!
WISCONSIN!?! That's like a real place??? Are you sure? :) Wow, that's crazy, but cool! Why not!? Get out and see the world! Good luck to you guys!

loving life with livie said...

look at those cheeks! love 'em.