Sunday, October 05, 2008

Go Andre! and Politics

Thursday October 2, 2008
Thursday was full of ups and downs. The first part of the day was pretty routine. I had to give Joaquin food which ended up on the floor so I could get some things done and then, as seems the routine lately, he decided to knock down all the DVD's. He usually does this about once a day. My nephew Andre texted me hinting that he really wanted us to come to his football game against Red Mountain. One of the things we hate about living all the way out here in the boonies is not being able to support him and our other nephew so Robert was able to take off an hour early so we could try to make it to the game. Poor Robert was stuck in traffic for like an hour and a half before he finally made it home to pick us up to take us out to the game which took about an other hour. By the time he got here to pick us up I was in a lot of pain and felt so uncomfortable and irritable. The kids were tired and fussy and I just wanted to crawl under a rock and die. But I attempted to not think about it while I focused on listening to VP debate. I can't say that I was amazed by Sarah Palin but I was impressed and liked her more and I learned a lot about our country's economy and foreign policies and stuff which was pretty cool. By the time we got to the game we were about 40 min. late but luckily the game was behind and just got started. I was excited to go and support Andre but man was it a rough ride. We were starving. Baily kept having to go to the bathroom and so did I and I was in major, major pain at this time. And we forgot the stroller so trying to hold a very active baby who wanted to explore on the nasty bleachers was rough. And Andre didn't even get to play that much which was a bummer. But after the game when we saw his face and I could tell he was so grateful to finally have someone come watch one of his games it was totally worth it. I love that kid. After that we stopped by my MIL's house so I could go to the bathroom, AGAIN, we brought Andre home and we started our long trek home in which I bawled the whole way because of the pain. Good times.

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#276- Continuing Repentance

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Malissa said...

Why were you in so much pain...did I miss that part?? I'm almost done with your guys' pics!! Your fam is just so cute!!