Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Joaquin 10 months old October 13th, 2008

*Wears same sizes as 9 months only the 9 month clothing is getting pretty snug
*Is walking- about 10-12 steps at a time!
*Whenever he wants something or wants to be picked up while he's sitting down he flutters his legs- so cute!
*Had his top left tooth break through- so that's 3 teeth now
*Loves to wave
*Torments his sister and wants to play with her and her stuff ALL.THE.TIME
*Has added "wha" (what) and "bru-uh" (brother) to his vocabulary
*Loves to watch Jimmy Neutron at 6:30 in the morning with his dad while mommy is out running
*Loves to throw balls- and pretty much anything he's in the mood to throw
*Is not quite as interested in food lately and not eating as much
*Loves drinking from his sippy cup and from a straw with Capri Suns
*Shakes his head "no" all the time
*Crinkles his nose all the time
*Still nursing
*Takes 2 naps a day and is still sleeping with his momma
*Is so fun and so dang cute I can't help but kiss and squish on him all day!

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