Sunday, October 12, 2008


Saturday October 11, 2008
Yesterday was a day that was an anticipated one. When I found out this was our weather forecast I felt euphoric. A high of 75 degrees?! Sweetness! It really and truly actually felt like Fall yesterday for the first time. I opened the windows the night before and the air has not been on since. I actually felt crisp, cool weather coming in. Crisp! Wahoo! I love Fall and even better is when you have Fall weather to come with it. And even better than that is when you can appreciate it more because it's been in the high 90's every day for a couple of weeks before that. The bummer is is that this weather's only going to last for like 2 or 3 days but I'll take it. So as might be able to tell I was in a much better mood yesterday. We just hung out in the morning and enjoyed a lazy, breezy, CRISP!, Saturday morning. Baily played with her "may dough" and we tried a trick I read about in my Family Fun magazine (love that magazine!). To make cool, spooky pictures with a colored glow all you have to do is put a post it over your camera's flash when you take the picture and it will turn out the color. It's gotta be pretty dark though. Cool, huh?! Another contributing to my ecstatic mood is my sweet Baily Bug. She really has been just delightful these past couple of days. We're talking no tantrums, listening to me and her dad, being nice to her brother, sharing, saying her please and thank-yous, eating... wow it's nice. Maybe the past month or two was just a bad phase?! Yeah... I'm just gonna think that instead of this delightfulness being a phase;) While at the store I found another reason to be giddy. They had these family favorite gems- cutie oranges, at the store! They usually don't start carrying these until winter months like December through March so I was very pleasantly surprised to find them at Fry's yesterday morning. They are sooo good! Baily helped me shred chicken for chicken croissant sandwiches for our later on activity and she was such a good little helper. After the food was prepared and we were packed up and ready to go we headed out to our Maricopa town's Founder's Day Festival. It felt good to be walking out in the nice cool weather. It was pretty windy though and because of the wind the "jumpies" were down so Baily was a little bummed about that. But she was fine once she got her cotton candy. And Robert was floating on Cloud Nine when he saw the Cardinals bird going around so of course he had to get a picture with him. He really is one of the Cardinals' very few loyal fans. He kept looking at that pic all day. The rest of the time we just sat, listened to a good band play good music, and relaxed. Joaquin kept dancing and jamming out and it was so cute. We were waiting for the big show to start- Lifehouse was going to be playing. However, due to it being in the high 90's and not being prepared for chilly weather, Joaquin had no warm clothes or a jacket so his poor little legs, arms and face were like icicles. I kept trying to hold him and keep him bundled up but he would not have it. Even though he was a J-sicle he didn't care. We wanted to stay and listen to the band and watch the fireworks at the end but it was too cold for my babies. Don't laugh all you non-valley living folks- it was like 55 degrees by that time with the wind blowing and we were cold ok?! So after Lifehouse finally came on we listened to like half a song and headed out. When we got home we shut our windows, got our blankets and I put my fuzzy socks on and we just snuggled and snacked and fell asleep. It was such a wonderful day!!

366 Blessings:
#284-Cool, crisp, Autumn weather!


Julie said...

I am glad Aaron got to see you guys, I am wiped out I think it is a cold/ been working my butt off to get the house back together! Oh and I am 6 mo prego! It looked like fun out there, the wind really cooled things of, YEAH for fall!!!

The Dominguez Family said...

Glad to hear you had a good day! So was Robert jumping around in front of the tv and yelling and screaming when the Cardinals were playing? Is it a Dominguez thing or just a Carlos thing? Are you guys going to make it to the family get together this Saturday?

loving life with livie said...

how fun. i am so happy that the weather is so cool now!
we've been spending most of our days outside. yay!

eeyore1982 said...

Hello!!! I haven't been on in so long! I decided to write a blog today. It's short but it's worth reading. LOL! I'm glad to see you are having fun and enjoying the "cold" lol weather! Man I thought 70 was hot! I'm so happy it's going to go back to the 60's this week! I'm loving the weather here to! Except today was pretty cloudy and a little rain, but other than that it has been beautiful! I love Bailey's haircut! Your babies are really groing fast! I love you! Hopefully we can stay in touch more often!

Janel said...

Hey girl, I didn't even realize you were back from your blogging hiatus!!! Hmm, not checking blogs, something of a unmotivated perfectionist quality I must have....LOL Boy did that peg me!

Looks like things are going well, that makes me happy, and how cool that you know Josh and Kayla, fun!