Sunday, October 05, 2008

Oh how I love General Conference!!

Sunday October 5, 2008
Yesterday was nice and easy. Since Robert has to work on Sundays, Sundays are usually pretty hard with getting the kids ready for church and getting to church and taking care of them at church by myself. So it was a nice break to be able to lounge at home all day and not have to go anywhere and just enjoy General Conference. I found a journal that a past VT gave me that I thought would be perfect for my notes from Conferences and firesides and stuff like that. I started using it at the RS General Broadcast last week and loved using it to take notes during this past conference. The kids woke up pretty early so Baily was a grump and Joaquin was watching Thomas the Train as close as he could get. They were both pretty good during the sessions so I got to watch most of them un-interrupted which was nice. I LOVED Pres. Monson's positive talk- especially when he talked about enjoying our life in the moment and how one day we as moms will miss the little handprints all over the freshly cleaned surfaces, the endless supply of laundry that needs to be tackled and the toys that always need to be picked up. It made me realize, again, how I need to enjoy the moment more especially with my kids. I need to enjoy the doing more, and the getting it done a little less. Instead of posting all my favorites and notes from conference I'll keep it in my journal and just note that I loved these sessions of conference and feel totally spiritually full and motivated to do better and have goals for specifics. In between sessions I was playing with the kids and Joaquin decided to take some of his first steps! I've been dreading him walking because I know it means more running around and messes but it was so exciting. Baily was even excited for him. (She was also excited about the home-made snickerdoodle cookies I made-yum!) But as you can see, his walking experiences led to some pretty good bumps. When Robert got home we just chillaxed and enjoyed some family time and that was it for the day. And here is a link to a video about why I'm voting yes on Prop 102 and it helped me realize how it could personally affect me and my kids. Watch it... it's pretty powerful.

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Tamie said...

you're back! i've missed your posts--life must be pretty busy for you. :) that is just the way that it is sometimes.
i'm not sure that joquin is olde enough to be walking is he? :) it seems like he was just born--time moves so fast, doesn't it.
i'm glad that you got to enjoy conference. it was really grat this time around (when is it never great?)