Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Really Nice Day

Saturday October 4, 2008
By Saturday morning the medicine had worn off so I was still in a little bit of pain and I had to opt out of running again which was still a bummer. But after I took my morning dose it quickly started to work and I was feeling pretty good which was such a relief. We got our van towed into the shop and were promised that it would be ready by mid-Monday which was good to know. We found a ride to get into Mesa to drop off Kenzie and because we had family pictures scheduled later that day. So during the morning the girls played (as you can see they loved playing in my mom's curio cabinet... don't worry mom, it's empty and they were careful!) while we watched an awesome morning session of General Conference (I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk and can announcing new temples [especially Italy!] ever not be so exciting!), and then Robert took them to the park while I cleaned up a bit. Then D came and picked us up, Kenzie got picked up at my MIL's and we headed to Freestone Park for family pictures with Robert's side of the family. Of course we had the awesome Malissa Cordova do our pictures and I'm so excited to see them. I'm sure they'll be awesome. Plus since Baily saw the train and she loves trains we had that to bribe her with so she would actually smile in the pictures which is a miracle as I'm sure Malissa would tell you. After the pictures a bunch of us rode the choo choo train and Baily was thrilled. Emely and D are moving to St. Louis soon which is why we wanted to get family pictures now before they leave. We also wanted to have a family dinner with them so we all went to Organ Stop Pizza. We ended up getting a really good table right in front of the organ. The food was great and the kids had a blast. The organist was awesome and played like 4 of our requests. Baily and Tyler and Joaquin were all dancing and just in awe by the lights and music and it was so cute. After we ate we went back to my MIL's house and had an impromptu birthday hurrah for my nephew Isaiah's birthday which was nice. He is such a sweetheart and I just love him to death. Martha (my SIL) is letting us use her car until our van's fixed on Monday so we took her car home very grateful for a family who's so willing to help out. And all day except for the morning I felt really well which was so nice and refreshing after a month or so of being uncomfortable and in pain. It was just a really nice day.

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