Monday, October 27, 2008

Ho Hum.

Monday October 27, 2008
Today was a pretty ho hum kind of day. I spent the morning doing a little bit of laundry and wasting too much time on the computer. I need to do better about not doing that. In the afternoon I went and picked up Alex and his posse at the airport and went with them to Bookman's. Alex got Baily a really cute Halloween book and then got part of her costume for me at the Dollar Store since I didn't have cash on me. He's cool like that. Baily was pretty much acting like a punk but she was super tired so I'll give her that excuse for now. After that they dropped me and the kids off at Mills Mall (this is where Alex handed me over the AMAZING blanket that my mom made for Joaquin that he got in Utah... isn't is AWESOME?!!- I SO HEART it!!) where Robert picked us up and we headed home. We got some pizza from Basha's for dinner thanks to a gift card we had a few bucks left on and came home and gobbled it up. Then I have been on this here computer blogging it up and Robert got Joaquin to sleep (3rd night in his crib-wahoo!!) and Baily watched her Halloween movies. And now I'm ready to call it a night- so good night!

366 Blessings:
#302-Joaquin's blanket that my mom made for him!


*~Brandi~* said...

I really love that blanket it is so so cute. Wow you really sound like your a great mom Sarah your kids and hubby are lucky to have you.

Becca said...

Cute blanket! Isn't it wonderful to have your bed back to yourself?

Malissa said...

Cute blanket!! Yay he's in his own bed!! Good job...stick with it!! I love all the posts..I've been bad about commenting, sorry! You're probably crazy with packing and getting things ready to move cross country!! You're looking more amazing every time I see you!!

Cassy Taylor said...

Way cute blanket. Your mom is so good at that kind of stuff. I love Noah's ark decor! And I am super proud of you for getting your boy to sleep in his bed. It's hard to train them to do that but once you do, you wonder why you didn't do it sooner, right? I also liked your post about dancing to 50's music. I can so picture that. AND, I hadn't noticed you had left a comment under that memory thing I did. I loved everything you put down. It was fate we had those classes together, Shanaynay. What I remember about that day when we met was when we were sitting in seminary and you were checking out all the guys (sorry if that's too much info to be public) and I wasn't sure if you'd want to be friends since you seemed way more interested in the boys but luckily, I was wrong. Remember Paul in our history class? On the first night we hung out we brought him and Tylan cookies. How cool were we? That same night we rocked out to Dixie Chicks in the car. I loved our crazy dancing in the car. Looking back, maybe not such a good idea while driving. :) Of course being roomates at my house and at EFY were so fun. You got me to dance in a contest at EFY. I bet we looked super cool then. Ha ha. Remember when we played this game where we rhymed words? What about our gang of friends most of whom lived by you? Brian and Jeremy work right by me and visited before Ryker was born. Haven't heard from them since. Jeremy is actually in TJ's ward. Small world huh? Anyway, sorry this post is so long. I got to thinking of the good ole times and all those fun memories came flooding in. I miss you girl. I wish we could have been neighbors like we had planned but maybe someday we'll live closer together and will hang out again. Hope you're doing well. Tell your mom I said hi next time you talk to her.