Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I call a Do-over!

Monday October 13, 2008
So on Monday I decided to call a do-over for my running training. I took the previous week off because of my health issues but mostly because I was a slacker. I felt so bad for being such a horrible running partner to my new partner but after begging for her forgiveness and telling her how truly sorry I was we decided to start over and give it our all this time. She's awesome and I'm so glad she's so sweet and forgiving. And really, at this point with the half-marathon being only 3 months away I have no option to not train if I'm going to make it. I still don't know even with me training hard for these next 3 months if I'll make it but I'm gonna do my best at this point. Really, that's all I can do right? So I got my booty up at 6am sharp and we had a good run. It was fa-REEZING! and I was amazed at how quickly I was back to my out of shape-ness but it felt good when we were done. It was a good start to a good day. Joaquin was officially 10 months old and I got some cute pics of my growing-way-too-fast babe. Love that kid! I spent quite a bit of time getting my house picked up and doing laundry. I ate healthy all day which helped me feel good about eating our FHE treat. While Joaquin took his afternoon nap Baily and I had a lovely tea party for 2. It was so fun and she was so cute and proper the whole time. It was a memory I'll forever cherish. My Baily Bug- I just love her so much! Isn't that tea set so cute too?! Her Grandma Rachelle got it for her and we don't play with it nearly enough. Maybe we should have a weekly Monday tea party and next time I'll make some lovely little finger foods to accompany the tea- or should I say "hot chocolate." And due to J taking a longer than usual nap (so nice!) we even managed to bake some pumpkin chocolate bread for our FHE activity and treat. Mmmm... Once Joaquin woke up he and Baily had fun playing babies and house. Robert gets annoyed and says he's a boy and he shouldn't be playing with dolls but I think that's dumb. He can pretend to be a daddy or brother or uncle or something. Besides, he wants to play with his sister and that's what she was playing so what's the big deal. Nothing. Thanks. Lol... Baily decided that her baby's name was Joaquin (wonder where she got that from- lol) and she told me to take a picture of "her." (She has a hard time with hims and hers and hes and shes and getting that straight.) After Robert got home we had a simple but good dinner and then for FHE we talked about being kind and giving service to our neighbors and then we finally "Booed" 2 of our neighbors. Robert made me do the knocking and running with Baily. I had to hold Baily and run since she couldn't run fast enough. We were cracking up- I think they may have seen us but it was fun anyway. When we got home we (me and the kids- Robert doesn't like pumpkin anything) ate our treat, then it was bath-time, family scriptures and prayers, I put the kids to sleep and then I passed out like at 9:30. Pretty sweet day.

366 Blessings:
#287-Warm pumpkin bread

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