Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reservoir of Faith

Wednesday October 15, 2008
Wednesday was a pretty crazy day. I got off to a good start with my morning run but as soon as I got home I was suffering from some serious PMS stuff. Joy. It was a pretty chilly morning so when Baily woke up and was saying how cold it was I decided it was a perfect time to pull out the Abuelita's hot chocolate... THE best hot chocolate ever! Baily and I were both pretty excited about that. The rest of the day after that was a rather tough one. My cramps were really bad so I didn't get much done and felt like all I could do was be a couch potato. Then later on in the day I got a phone call and found out some hard to hear news about someone I love very much. I was very worried about this person and I took the news pretty hard at first. I immediately went and prayed for this person to know how much they were loved and I cried and worried a lot. But as I was talking to another family member and I realized that they were having a hard time with this situation I surprised myself by being able to overcome my worry and sadness and be able to draw from my own personal reservoir of faith to offer advice and some sort of encouragement and hope. I guess I hadn't really been aware that my efforts to add to my "lamp" of faith drop by drop have been working. When I needed that faith, that hope it was there. I'm not claiming to be perfect, in fact I'm the first to admit I'm FAR from it, but line upon line, here a little there a little, drop by drop- I've been adding to my lamp and I'm' so grateful that I have that there to draw from when it's needed. I don't know if I offered much help or encouragement but as I was trying to, I helped myself and was able to understand more of my feelings and how to react to this certain situation. And the solution I felt for that time was love- love unconditionally and non-judementally. So even though it was a bit of a rough day as it is for anyone having a hard time seeing our loved ones go through hard times, I was grateful to learn more about myself and for my faith and testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and of my Savior Himself. What a truly merciful blessing to have the gospel and all that comes with it in my life! And to end on a light note here's just a picture of a fun snack I made for Baily- a peanut butter/banana caterpillar. I wish I could say it motivated her to eat better but all she did was eat a few of the pretzels and lick off the peanut butter. Oh well... at least I tried and that felt good.
366 Blessings:
#289- Abuelita's hot chocolate

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