Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Four random things about my husband
*He was born in Guatemala
*He served his mission in NYC
*He's a football/Cardinals maniac
*He's actually pretty smart (but shh...don't tell him I said that)

Four movies I could watch more than once
*Return To Me
*Fried Green Tomatoes
*Home Alone
*Remember the Titans

Four TV Shows I watch
*Prison Break
*So You Think You Can Dance
*Jon & Kate Plus 8

Four Places I have been
*New Orleans
*Washington DC

Four People who e-mail me regularly
*Parents Bulletins

Four Favorite Foods
*shredded beef chimichangas

Four Places I would like to visit
*Venice, Italy

Four things I look forward to this year (I'll say within a year from today)
*running the Half-Marathon
*finding a place to live and stay for a long time (I HATE moving!)
*getting pregnant hopefully with twins;)
*enjoying my babies!

Four people who are now it

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loving life with livie said...

what a fun tag. and those movies?...i could watch them all the time, too! (& sytycd)

p.s. livie got so scared with this halloween music. Ü