Monday, October 06, 2008

A Fun Tag

What you do: With your answer, google search images and the first image that pops up use as your answer. Make sense? Kinda time consuming, yet kinda fun. (Be careful though- some images are not so good...)
1.Place I'd like to Visit (Venice baby!)2.Favorite Place (home- wish this were mine!)3. Past Pet 4. My Age (pretty racy age I guess!) 5. Maiden Name (Holwick?... weird) 6. Bad Habit (don't do lazy- it's kinda a naughty pic!)7. Place I was born (this was the coolest one- Phoenix) 8. Favorite Color 9. Favorite animal (kinda scary!) 10. Favorite Food (oh yeah baby! cheese!) 11. Favorite Object 12. My First Name (I totally look like that;) 13. Best Friends Nick Name (Rob... fyi- don't do babe!) 14. Town I live in 15. What I'm doing now (blogging) 16. My College Degree (Nursing someday) 17. My First Job (Prime Cuts hair salon as a hairstylist assistant)

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