Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday Traditions

Friday October 17, 2008
Today was nice- real nice. We spent the day enjoying our family Friday traditions together. Can I just say how much I love my husband and life's really so much better when he's home?! He rocks my socks off! So after a great morning run the rest of my family got up pretty early and we all enjoyed the Friday morning breakfast tradition of a delicious french toast breakfast. Mmm... During the day we really just relaxed and hung out. I had big plans to do some deep cleaning but that didn't so much happen. Baily of course watched her new favorite movie, Enchanted, a couple of times. She LOVES this movie and watches it about twice, and sometimes more, a day. She can even quote most of the movie and sings along with all the songs. She told me the other day "Mommy, I just love Giselle. Can we go visit Giselle?" It's so cute. I spent a good chunk of time watching House Season 1 that we had rented a while ago. I loved it. I was cracking up and I just love all the medical terminology and info it has. It's a great show. Thanks for the recommendation Al! Later on we went to the park for a little bit but it was too hot (where oh where did you go fabulous fall weather?!) and there were too many mosquitos. I HATE mosquitos!! After we came home and I got all gussied up (read: actually did my hair and make-up) we went and had our traditional Friday night pizza. Another muoy delisioso meal. Then we went and got some movies at Blockbuster. Baily is really into Halloween and Halloween movies this year (I'm so bummed I can't really decorate all Halloweeny this year since we're moving soon:( ) so she got the movie Monster House to rent. We were bummed that Hocus Pocus wasn't there. But we got home and we all watched Monster House. It was cute. I was it was a little too scary for Baily but she loved it. She stayed really close to either Robert or I and got a little scared at times but she really loved it and even said so after it was over. She was so into it. I love how alert and aware she's becoming. She really gets into movies and commentates through the whole thing. Sometimes it can get annoying but most of the time she's so funny and it's so cute. Oh how I love my girl!! After it was over she fell asleep real quick and the rest of the night was dandy. I love Fridays and our fun family traditions!

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#291-Smoochin' with my hubby!

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Hunt Family said...

I love smooching too & cute pic of smoochers. Yummy pancakes. I love Enchanted too. Such a cute and fun movie.

Just curious...why is there an * by my name on the sidebar. Is that what you put beside your BEST friends names? Just kidding.