Thursday, October 09, 2008


Thursday October9, 2008
So Thursday was a wee bit better than the previous day. We woke up to this surprise on our doorstep and Baily was so excited. How sweet of someone to think of us to "Boo." We need to get on the ball and do our own "Boo-ing" now. I actually got my house picked up and laundry done and spent a lot of much needed, personalized attention with my kiddos and that felt good for all of us. Whenever it's time to make dinner at around 5:30-6ish I call that the death hour. Both of my kids are fussy and tired by this time and all I hear while I'm making dinner is constant crying and whining. It drives me insane. But I have to make dinner so what am I supposed to do?! So in an effort to not make it so stressful to make dinner on Thursday I put Joaquin in his chair, pulled him into the kitchen so I wouldn't be out of his view and gave him a sucker, or "lily pop" as Baily calls it. (She got that from her Letter Factory DVD, and yes, I gave her one to which kept her quiet as well.) After Robert got home and we ate dinner. That at least kept him satisfied for about half the time I had to make dinner which was better than nothing. After Robert got home and we ate dinner the tension eased and things were well. We like Thursdays around here because it's like Robert's Friday and we're all happier when he's home. After dinner we loaded up and went to Blockbuster to use our free coupon and get the Princess movie and Halloween movies that had been promised to Baily all week. Did you know that their non-new releases are only 99cents now?! Sweet. So we got Enchanted (we really need to just buy that one for her already- she loves that movie), Pooh's Heffalump Halloween (super cute by the way) and since they didn't have Monster Squad to rent we bought it for like 7.99 (pretty good deal). When I was a kid we used to rent and watch Monster Squad like once a month for an entire year (remember that Beau and Alex?). When I met Robert I was thrilled that he too shared a love for such "great" Halloween cinema and I knew it was destined for us to be together. Anyway, after that we stopped by Bashas for a few munchies for our movie night and what to my surprise- they had Taco flavored Doritos! Another great joy from my childhood. I was so sad when they stopped selling them so you can imagine how excited I was to see them back. And they taste just like I remember- sooo good and it's so weird how food can bring back such memories. Baily loves them now too. But back to our movie night. Baily had been such a good girl all day and was so excited for movie night as you can see. It's days like this when I remember how sweet my daughter can be and just can't get enough of her. Man I love that girl! So first up was Enchanted. After the cartoon part she wanted Pooh's Halloween one (she usually likes all of Enchanted but whatev). I went to nurse J and put him to sleep and fell asleep myself in the process. When I woke up Robert and Baily had also fallen asleep. It was like 9:30. Are we party animals or what?! It was a pretty sweet movie night anyway though;)

366 Blessings:
#283- Taco flavored Doritos

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