Saturday, October 11, 2008


I actually got tagged to do this one and I was pretty excited. It's a fun one. I'll do one for me and Robert because we're both pretty quirky;)


1. When I clean it has to be from one side of the house to the other. Even if the kitchen needs cleaning the most I can't start there because it's in the middle of the house.

2. I am insanely crazy about having clean ears and the same goes for all my loved ones. When I was younger I was the one to make sure my brothers had clean ears and now I do the same with my kids and my husband. Mine get cleaned every day and my kids every other day. I can't stand dirty ears! And also along with my weird ear fetish, I love good earlobes that can be wiggled when I flick it between my fingers. Weird, I know.

3. I like all my food to be cooked well done. Especially meat! And with stuff like toast, cheese crisps, grilled cheese sandwiches, casseroles and other stuff I like it a little burnt. I love the taste of burnt things. I think I got this from my Grandma Willis.

4. I have a very strong addiction to dirt- the smell of it, the taste of it on rocks. I've been told this is because of my anemia and my iron deficiency. It's so hard for me to resist putting a dirty rock in my mouth. Gross, I know but I really can't help it.

5. All of my family and I's clothes have to be hung up in our closets in a very specific way. They are arranged by color, length, patterns, collars, dress type- it's very specific to me and I'm meticulous about this. It drives me crazy whenever Robert hangs up one of his shirts or pants and puts it in the wrong spot.

6. I match my lotions, body sprays and/or perfumes with what I'm wearing. I have casual smells, semi-casual smells, dressy smells and so on and so forth.

7. I have a very specific way I like my dishwasher loaded. When Robert or someone loads it for me I'm grateful but at the same time a little anxious that it wasn't loaded "right." And I pretty much wash them before I load them. And along with the dishes I have to different sponges- one to clean and rinse the dirty ones and one to clean the pre-cleaned ones. I'm pretty meticolous about this too.


1. He will not eat brown M&M's. He swears they taste different. Whenever he eats M&M's Baily and I always get his left-over brown ones.

2. He has to always have shoes on. Even in the house he will not go anywhere without some sort of shoes. He hates to be barefoot unless he's in bed.

3. Whenever he eats, he carefully eats around everything and always saves the best bite for the last. Like with rolls or sandwiches, he eats the crust until he gets to the inside. This sometimes bites him in the butt though because when I take a bite off his plate I sometimes take that last bite he's been saving:l

4. He drives like a low-rider. He puts the steering wheel so low. He says he's normal and I drive like a bus driver but I swear he's a wannabe low-rider when he drives. Who drives with their steering wheel that low?

5. He drinks like a camel. No, not alcohol, but any other beverage. When he's eating he seriously downs like 4 or 5 glasses of whatever he's drinking. He really is a food server's worst nightmare.

6. Whenever he watches a movie he always pretends he's the main character afterward. Like after watching Batman he acts like he's batman, after Men In Black he's a UFO agent and so on and so forth.

7. He's obsessed with alien/UFO lifeforms. He loves alien movies, shows, folklore. He even had a personal interview with Travis Walton- the guy from the movie Fire In The Sky. On our first date when he found out I was from Show Low that was the first thing he asked me- if I knew the Fire In The Sky guy. He really is obsessed.

Now for the 7 people I tag: (It really is a fun one;)

Alex, Beau, Cassy, Julie, Niki, Sheri, Maelynn


Julie said...

I so have my closet that way! Some how it gets out of control and I have to tackel it again but I do love the color flow!

Lori said...

Sarah -
It was so fun to learn more about you (even though you're a little crazy!) and a little about your husband! Hope all is well in your little family's world - you all are so cute!

loving life with livie said...

Thanks for the tag! Ü

I'll get on it soon. This looks like a fun one.

Becca said...

That was really fun to read! I'm with you on the liking your food well done and sometimes a little burnt. I didn't know that was a grandma willis trait. :)

loving life with livie said...

ok...i promise i really am working on the tag. i've had a pretty hard few days with olivia & now my mom is having some financial troubles. but i WILL do it soon, i promise! Ü

thanks again for thinking of me with the tag. love to you!