Sunday, October 05, 2008

A day from h-e-double hockey sticks... or a day of tender mercies?!

Friday October 3, 2008
So Friday was quite the day. I missed running because I was still in a lot of pain and I was pretty bummed about that. But it was pay day and our new insurance had finally kicked in from Robert's new work so I was finally abe to make an app't with our Dr. and I got it for that same day, thank heavens. So I took it easy for the first part of the day and then Baily and I headed into town. J stayed with Robert so that was nice. I dropped of Baily and my MIL's and headed to the Dr. He wasn't very happy with me for not coming to see him sooner and that I had dealt with my infections for so long. I was diagnosed with a severe yeast infection, kidney infection, bladder infection, UTI, hemorrohoids and I have to go get blood work because I'm very anemic and to be tested for diabetes and all kinds of other things. Nice long list, huh? I was just glad to finally be seen and get on my way to getting better. He asked if I was sure I was not pregnant and I was like "Hello?! Do you think I have any desire to be intimate with everything in my nether regions being so messed up and in pain?!" So yeah... he gave me 3 prescriptions which I was grateful for but worried about at the same time. I hate taking prescriptions and I was worried about how much it was going to cost me. After the Dr. I was still in a lot of pain and the van was running horribly and stalling a lot. I went and picked up Baily then I headed out to Apache Junction to pick up my little sister. Then I ran a few errands and headed home. By this time I was worried because every time I stopped the van would die and then it would take forever to get it started. Well we made out here to the 'Copa and while I was in line to drop off my prescription the line was taking forever and of course the van died. Baily said "say a prayer mommy." I was like cool, what a great opportunity to have my daughter and sister learn about how HF answers our prayers. So she said a prayer that we would be ok and get home safe. The van finally started up, I was able to drop off my prescriptions and finally make it back home. When I got to the light to turn onto the main road the van completely died and there was no way it was gonna start up again. I couldn't get a hold of Robert and the traffic was starting to back up. I turned my hazards on and kept trying and trying to get it started. People were starting to get impatient and someone flipped me off, people were yelling at me in the window and I started panicking and surprise, surprise I lost it. I had no clue what to do, I was in a lot of pain and worrying about how we were gonna be able to afford to get this fixed. Baily and Kenzie kept saying "It's ok. Don't cry." Finally a big, huge Samoan guy covered in tattos came up to the window (scared me at first) and offered to help me push it to the side. I was so grateful and I was so embarrassed because I was crying like a baby at this point. So he pushed while I steered and he was directing traffic yelling "People stop! Can't you see she needs help?! You're unbelievable!" When we got to the side I was trying to pull myself together and telling him thank you so much and he was like "Sorry. people suck." Some lady stopped by at the time and asked if I needed a phone or anything so that was nice. He left and I finally got a hold of Robert and he told me to call a cab to get home. At that time I heard someone call out my name from a car and it was Sis. Wilkins from my ward with her family. She asked if I needed any help and I asked if she could give me a ride home. So they stopped and took us home and they were so sweet. They asked if I needed to go back to the store and I told them I had to pick up some prescriptions but I didn't want to bother them. They wouldn't take no for an answer and said they would be back in an hour to take me to the store. On the way to dropping us off Bro. Wilkins called our Bishop explained the situation to him and asked if there was anyone in the ward who could look at our van for us. Bishop said he would give me a call later. After we got home I waas finally calmed down and just realized how blessed we had been. We could have stalled on the freeway of in the middle of the road, no one could have stopped to help and who knows what else. I explained to the girls that even though the van wasn't working, Heavenly Father still answered Baily's prayer to help us get home safe and everything would be ok. Not long later, Bishop called with a name and number of who to call and pretty much laid out the solution for us and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that. We ordered our Friday night pizza and then the Wilkins came to pick me up and we went to Fry's. As if the help from our van wasn't enough tender mercies my 3 prescriptions only ended up costing a total of $9 and change and with this coupon I had from them I got $60 worth of free groceries put on my Fry's card. Sa-weet! We so needed that. Not only was I finally gonna feel better but we gained $60 worth of free groceries out of it. Thank you Frys! My heart was swelling by this time with gratitude for His amazing grace! The Wilkin's even ended up buying me some pretty costly pure cranberry juice. I will forever be grateful for their kind service. On the way home they kept assuring me that if Robert needed a ride to work or we needed a ride anywhere to just call and they would be here. How grateful I am to be in their service and in such an amazing ward of righteous and serving Saints! After I got home I took my pills and the food showed up. It was muy delisioso! Joaquin made a nice DVD mess and the girls had a blast playing together. Now that Baily's a little bit older her and Baily seem to have more in common and they played for hours together without any fighting or crying which I was very grateful for. So in what could have been a pretty rotten day, it ended up turning out pretty great and as the medicing slowly started to ease my pain I crashed with a heart filled to the brim with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for His love for me and His many tender mercies in my life!

366 Blessings:
#277-The Wilkins family in my ward


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Karen said...

You are amazing! i can't belive you have been functioning at all with all those ailments. When I had a Kidney ifection it put me down in bed for two days straight until the meds got into my system enough that I could actually function. You are amazing! I would have cried too. Good luck!