Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yesterday was a good, great day. I started out a little irritated because even though we were told we would be able to pick up our van before Robert had to go into work at 11 it was not ready. So I ended up doing a lot of driving. I took Robert to work and then I drove out to Queen Creek to my SIL's house so we could drop off her van. We (Baily and I) hung out there for a while then we rode with Loren when she left. Robert called on our way back into town and said the van was finally ready so Loren took me to go pick it up. Wahoo! It felt so good to drive our new, pretty van home. I felt all giddy and excited. Isn't it pretty? This was definitely not the time I would have picked to get a new car or the way in which I would have wanted it to happen but I still feel so grateful and happy about it. I really love it. Baily loves it too. It's in immaculate condition and drives so nice and smooth. After we got home I took Baily to the park for a little while and then we came and got Bryan after get got home from school and went back to the park. It was a little overcast and a really nice day. After we got home I made some chicken salad croissant sandwiches and tried my hand at making my first ever soup, TGIFriday's broccoli cheese soup. I wasn't able to eat though because I had to go visit teach our 3rd sister and then go pick up Robert at work. While I was cooking I put on a movie for Baily to watch and when I noticed that she was being to quiet I went and found her like this. My poor little girl hadn't had a nap and was pooped. I thought she would be out for the night- it was about 6:30 but she only slept for like 20 minutes. She didn't want to miss a chance to ride in her new car again I guess. After we got home from picking up Robert we were all starving. I was super excited to find out that my soup was super! This will definitely be a new staple recipe in our home. And it was so much easier than I anticipated. For some reason I've always had a fear of making soups and gravies but now I know there's no reason to be. I went to sleep after a long prayer of gratitude for my many blessings. I truly am so very blessed! Enjoy the pics of the park... doesn't Baily look like she's like 5? Aaaah!!!


Becca said...

Baily looks nice in the new built in car seat. I bet you're loving that! No more climbing out mid drive! I'm so happy that you were able to get a new dependable vehicle. Wahoo Indeed! :)

Tamie said...

SHORTS!!!!! shiver! it is probably about 29 degrees outside right shorts in the forcast for us...your van is beautiful....someday we hop eto get one....i have my wish list when it comes ot a van...whcih means we won't get the one that i want :)