Thursday, November 08, 2007

Have I Not Great Reason To Rejoice?

Robert went back to work yesterday and was feeling much better thank goodness. I felt like poop. I think I felt weaker and more dizzy and light-headed than I ever have. I called to see if there was any possible way that Robert could come home early to help me with the kids but he wasn't able to. Thankfully they were easy to handle yesterday. I let my sink sit full of dirty dishes all day and pretty much didn't do anything productive. So besides feeling crappy physically I felt crappy about not getting anything done. I pretty much rested and dozed off and on most of the day. Then I was so angry when Robert told me yesterday morning that his schedule got switched to 11am-8pm. Talk about the crappiest schedule ever! Seriously... let's give the guy with a 9 month pregnant wife and 2 year old at home the schedule where he can be home the least amount of time to help out. He'll be home about an hour after Baily wakes up and an hour before she goes to sleep. Nice. After all the hard work he does for them, covering their butts when people need schedules covered, doing supervisor's jobs without getting their pay- let's just give him this crappy schedule and not give him any say in it. Urghhh!!! And it's just such bad timing. I'm gonna need a lot of help with Baily once Bubba comes and since he only had about a week off when he's born he won't be able to help me. So after getting mad and crying and who knows what else I decided to do my scripture and conference reading. What a difference the scriptures and words of the prophets can make! One of the talks I read was Elder Uchtdorf's (I love him by the way!) talk called "Have We Not Great Reason To Rejoice." Wow! Talk about a slap in the face for being ungrateful or down. It was so positive and uplifting. He talked about how we have so much to rejoice about by having the gospel in our lives. It was a life-changing talk for me. And then after that talk I read Pres. Monson's and he talked so much about the peace offered by the Plan of Salvation and Jesus Christ. I know my testimony was strengthened as I read those talks and I just felt such a sense of peace and gratitude for the many blessings I have been given. Even though I hate Robert's schedule I'm grateful that he is able to work and has a job that, even though it's tight, supports our family. I'm so grateful to have an eternal family and to be blessed to have the gospel in my life. So I'm gonna try and do what one of my favorite quotes says and make lemonade out of lemons. It will be hard with his schedule but we're gonna make it work. And how awesome is it that I don't have to try and do it on my own. I always have prayer and peace from my Savior to rely on! So yes... have I not great reason to rejoice?!?!


Emily Loria said...

Oh Sarah, I appriciate your post. I have a tender spot in my heart for my two most favorite GA's Uchtdorf and Monson. It's so funny because my friend Hope posted on her blog today along these same lines... you can check it out if you like, it's very uplifting.

Sometimes life just stinks-- I just found out today that a good friend of mine just had a brother die of a heart attack.-- I felt horrible! It made me realize that sometimes my trivial trials cloud my view of what is really important. We so easily forget that all of these things are temorary. In fact, truthfully-- I have been grateful for my trials on more than one occasion. So, chin up girl! Hang in there. (Things could always be worse-- that's my motto by the way.)

Cordova Family said...

You are so lucky Robert has a job and that you are pregnant and that Bailey is so cute and healthy!! Don't feel bad about your sink full of dishes!! You're gonna have a baby!! Life is gonna change!! Sit back and relax and enjoy having one baby right now, cause things are gonna change for you!! You're the luckiest girl right now...things can seem bad, but it's just the weight of the world...not eternal things. Hang tight! Love ya!!