Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So sick of Laundry!

Robert was home sick today so he was sleeping most of the day. In case you don't know I really hate it when he's sick. But I did good and was nice and pleasant to him and just tried to let him rest. It does good to my conscience to be nice to husband when he's sick even though it takes a lot of self-control... sad I know, but true. Mya came today but she's still getting over being sick as well so of course she slept most of the day. I felt much better today than I did yesterday which was a relief. I still have had the normal pregnancy aches and pains but felt more energized than what I've been lately which was nice. And I needed that energy too to get me through like 87 loads of laundry. I had like every towel and blanket in the house to clean along with sheets and clothes due to Baily's sickness. I even had to go to the laundromat again to clean our comforter. It had to be washed twice and dried twice so it took longer than before. It was nice to have some uninterrupted reading time though. And I kept true to my goal and did my scripture and conference reading first thing this morning so I would have guilt-free reading of my book. And I have to mention how much I loved the talks I read today. They were the 4th-6th talks from Saturday morning session. I totally recommend them. The one by Elder Fallaballa was so sweet and simple and, I know this will surprise you all, but it had me in tears. It helped me realize how much I treasure my membership in this true church and my gratitude for my testimony of my Savior. You should totally read these talks. I could totally feel an extra spiritual boost from reading them first thing this morning. Anyway after dinner (I actually cooked tonight if you can believe it), Robert, Baily and I walked to Safeway and rented Ratatouille for our FHE. I know we've been taking the easy way out a lot lately with movies for FHE but right now it's good that we're at least being consistent at having FHE every week. I'm not making excuses. It will get better though. Robert seems to be feeling much better now and I'm sure he'll be back to work tomorrow. Hope you all are doing well and avoiding the sickies or at least getting better!


Emily Loria said...

I think it is so awesome you have set goals for yourself to read the confrence talks. I just got my Ensign yesterday, so I had better get crackin'.

Sorry about all of your sick laundry. I can relate (sort of) because this morning, my eldest decided to flush half a roll of TP down the toilet and it over flowed at 6 am. All I could hear was screaming! I rushed down and grabbed about 40 towels to sop up the mess... now we all know what I'm going to be doing today! Lucky me, and you.

PS... did you know I am from AZ? I grew up in Prescott, and was sealed in the Mesa Temple. Special memories there!

Becca said...

Yes pukey laundry is no fun! I'm sorry you have to go through that, yuck! I remember last time korbin had the flu and puked all over the kitchen floor, and I said "I'd rather clean up poop than puke" well I got my wish that night, when I got to clean the other wonderful part of the flu off my bathroom floor at 3 am. Good thing I love him! Hope everyone is feeling better.

Beau said...

Hey Sista soldier,...That is a good goal you have with the reading thing. Eben and I just started reading the Book of Mormon again and we have a goal to do a quick read and finish it before the end of the year. Hey how come there werent any pictures of Zachery from this Saturday? I miss that kid. So Dec. 13th! I am way too excited for when we get there! And of course, he is going to love me the best. Love ya! ciao!

Cordova Family said...

Oh bummer, Robert can't play ball tonight with the boys! I'm glad Bailey is better, sometimes I think the hubby's are way harder when they're sick! They're so needy!! Next time you need your comforter washed, just call me, I have a front loader! I coulda done it for ya!! Hope you have a good day!