Friday, November 16, 2007

10 Fashion Don'ts

I cracked up when I read this survey type thingy that Becca made up on her blog so I thought I'd try it out. It's 10 fashion don't from your past that you can easily look back on and shake your head in shame about. It was very upsetting how quick these memories came to me and how many more I could have put on. And please keep in mind that I lived through the 80's.

1. metallic gold MC Hammer pants
2. mini top hat with red polka dot ribbon
3. black spandex stirrup pants with scrunchy socks over them (in 2 alternating colors)
4. spiral curl perm with poofy bangs
5. New Kids on the Block t-shirt tied in a knot on one lower side
6. boxer shorts, white t-shirt and scrunch socks worn all the way to the top of the knee
7. body suits with baggy jeans and a big belt with tan work boots
8. white nail polish and white eyeliner
9. rolling up the sleeves on my t-shirts
10. shiny red plastic Dr. Marten wannabe boots

I tag Janel, Malissa and Alex to do this!


Tamie said...

that was laugh out loud funny....but that is only b/c i think that most of us that grew up in the late '80's and early 90's have worn or know someone who has worn those things....yikes! i PRAY that none of those things comes back "in"!

Becca said...

See wasn't that fun? I remember your days of body suites with baggy jeans and tan work boots. Ahhh...the memories.