Friday, November 16, 2007

Bi-Weekly Menu

Nothing too exciting to see here... sorry! I post this only for goal and habit reasons. I hope everyone else is eating something a little more exciting!

F- Barro's
Sa- Wal-mart sub sandwich, chips
Su- chicken salad croissants, fresh veggies and ranch, pumpkin pie bars for VT women, sugar cookies for FHE
M- slow cooker orange chicken, jasmine rice, snow peas
Tu- ravioli, bread sticks, salad
W- cheddar broccoli soup, rolls
Th- Thanksgiving in Show Low!!
F- Show Low
Sa- Show Low
Su- beef stew, rolls, banana & chocolate cream pies for combined FHE
M- chicken & rice casserole
Tu- Enrichment Night- frozen pizza for Roberts
W- beef enchiladas, spanish rice
Th- pork chops, fried potatos, corn

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