Sunday, November 04, 2007

Crazy and Awesome

Saturday was crazy busy and it was full of many ups and downs. It started off early when I went to my little brother Zach's soccer game at 8:30 in the morning. I was relieved to find out when I got there that it wasn't postponed until later this time. After his game I took the kids to their grandparents to change. Zach was in a very foul mood because his team lost 7-0. They always lose really bad and it's really starting to get to the poor little guy. In his defense it's really not his fault... he's one of the best 2 on the team. He just has a really sucky team and coach. I feel so bad for him. After he got changed Zach and Kenzie came home with me. We planned on going straight to this festival called "Dia De Las Muertos" in down-town Phoenix but we had to wait a few hours while Robert was working on his sister's car. We just hung out and played games while we waited. Baily was being pretty crabby but we still managed to have fun. Robert finally got ready and we went down to the new Mesa Arts Center for this free festival. It means day of the dead as is really a hispanic holiday. There wasn't much going on though so we didn't stay long. Baily and Kenzie made some cool masks, we looked around in the museum and then we left. For being Novemeber 3 it was way too hot outside. I was so annoyed with that. But I must say the arts center is so nice. I would love to go explore it some more without any children around. It has an awesome artsy vibe which I love. After we left there we were all hungry and the kids chose Burger King for some strange unknown reason. Ever since I had Burger King in Show Low and it was disgusting I have not liked Burger King. I agreed to go since the kids were so insistent that that's what they wanted. I found out later that that was a big mistake. I hardly ate at all but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Kenzie and Baily shared a chicken nuggets kids meal and I think that may have been the culprit for Baily's horrible puking and diarrehea later that night. After we ate there I dropped off Robert at home to start working on his sister's van and I left to run errands. I dropped off Zach back at his grandparents and me, Kenzie and Baily went by Wal-Mart, we dropped off a blanket my mom made for my uncle Kim and went by Target. Bot Baily Kenzie were tired and cranky so I was also tired and cranky. After I got home I cleaned up and tried to appease the girls. Then I showered and got ready and while I was getting ready Baily threw up. Great. Gerald and Rachelle showed up and after Gerald helped Robert finish up the van (FINALLY!!!) I left Baily to go on a walk with her Grandpa while Robert showered and me, Cande, Mackenzie and Rachelle left for my baby shower. I have been excited about my shower for months but I was also worried about my little girl. When I got to my cousin's house where the shower was I called and found out Baily had puked like 3 more times. I really think it must have been food poisoning since she never had a fever. Anyway I said a prayer that she would be ok and that Robert would know what to do to take care of her and I decided to enjoy my baby shower. Becca planned the whole thing and my cousin Lindy helped her out with the food. It was awesome! They had a chocolate fountain set up with the best things to dip in it... oreo covered marshmallows, caramel covered pretzels, rice krispies, caramel applese, straweberries, nutter butters... tons of good stuff. She also had these adorable little mini brownies, chicken salad croissant sandwiches and veggies and dip. It was all so delicious. She made this adorable diaper cake too that I loved. I had about 20 people or so show up altogether. I thought there would be a lot more but it was still a great turnout. There was a first group and when they left a 2nd group came so it was like 2 little showers. I got the cutest clothes and blankets and all sorts of fun stuff. I'm so blessed to have such generous friends and family. I got even more excited for my little baby to come and for the fact that he's a boy. I'm so, so excited! So thank you Becca and Lindy for all you did to make this happen for me and for everyone who showed up and who gave me awesome gifts to show your love and support. I truly have the best friends and family. Make sure you check out the pictures below! After everyone left I dropped off tired little Mackenzie at her grandparents, went and got food for Robert and Gerald and got home to care for my poor sick baby. It's the worst when she's sick... I hate it! Gerald and Robert gave her a very sweet, precious blessing. I'm so grateful that my husband is worthy Priesthood holder and that I have that wonderful blessing in my home at my access whenever I need it. We had a long night of puking, crying for water since she was so dehydrated and diarrehea but finally at about 3:30 she fell asleep and stopped vomiting. My poor baby. She never threw up after that though and I know it was because of the blessing. So yeah... Saturday had it's fair share of ups and downs!

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Becca said...

Is that really all the pictures I took with your camera? I thought I was being overly snap happy. I guess not! Sorry, I thought I got so many more pictures than that. So sorry about Baily, I can't imagine having to deal with puking and pooping like that. It hasn't happened to us yet....knock on wood. I had no idea your day was that busy before you showed up, wow! I'm surprised you were able to stay awake to open presents. Glad baily is doing better!