Sunday, November 25, 2007

Quiet Family Time

Friday was nice and simple and relaxing. Unfortunately Robert had to work so he and Andre left early Friday morning. I was so bummed about that. Everything's so much better with him around. I guess someone has to pay the bills though! After the rest of us woke up we enjoyed a nice waffle breakfast that my Abuelita & Fran made. Baily and I got showered and cleaned up and we just chillaxed. Baily had fun playing with Uncle Alex and the rest of us just visited. Kenny and Tim left to go back home and then we just did more of visiting, eating yummy leftovers (homemade turkey sandwiches are just as good as the whole Thanksgiving feast itself) and napping. It was so nice and relaxing to just chill and have absolutely nothing that needed to be done. I really enjoyed having a lot of time to hang out with my brother Alex. I love that kid so much! He really does rock my socks off! Baily sure loves her Uncle Alex as well. We thought about going to the movie but decided not to. Instead Alex, Baily and I went to Safeway to get some Digiorno's and snacks and went and rented Ratatouille. We went back to my Abuelita's and ate and Gerald and Rachelle came by to hang out for a little while. Gerald and Rachelle took Baily to Wal-Mart to spoil her some more and they also got our new crib for Joaquin. I'm so grateful that they got that for us. After they all got back we watched Ratatouille. I was so tired though and didn't make it through all the way so me and Baily cut the movie a little short and went to bed. I really wished Robert would have been there but it was such a nice, relaxing day and what better to spend time relaxing than with my awesome family!?!

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