Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Catching Up

Since I've been so busy running around lately I've fallen behind on a couple of things that I had to catch up on today. As you may have noticed one of those things was my posts for the last couple of days. Mostly I wanted to update so I could get my mom's weekly letter sent out. I just copy and paste from my blog and then personalize the letter. I think that's one of my main motivations for staying consistent with my blogging. I also had to pick up the house and get laundry done so everything's nice and in order when we leave tomorrow to go to Show Low for the holiday. I'll pack tomorrow morning before we leave. We would have left tonight but Robert has to play his turkey bowl with our ward tomorrow so we're gonna leave right after that. I can't ever sleep past 7 anyway these days so I'll have plenty of time to pack in the morning. I also got caught up on my scripture reading which I only missed one day but I still felt awful about missing that day. I was doing so good on my consistency and I really hate when I mess it up by missing a day. Oh well. I still have the Sunday afternoon session of the conference talks to read. I did so well with reading my goal of 3 talks a day up until the last session. That's when things started getting so busy and crazy with the car issue and what not. Hopefully I'll have enough time this long vacation weekend to finish up that reading. I had another check-up with the Dr. today. Everything looks peachy king. Baily cracked me up because when the Dr. was checking my tummy she kept telling him "don't touch my mommy. Her tummy hurts." She is so funny. I love how protective she is of me sometimes. It gives me hope that she'll be that way with her brother. We'll see. After we picked up Robert from work I stopped and got me some Taco Bell for dinner. I swear that's like the 3rd time in 2 days. You must have rubbed off on me somehow Becca because this Taco Bell craving I've been having lately is out of control. Good thing what I keep getting is under $3 and I only have to use change. I've never craved Taco Bell like this before. Crazy pregnancy stuff! When we got home Robert went to play ball at church so me and Baily
just hung out. It was a pretty boring day but probably good that it was so tame because we have a busy couple of days ahead of us with the holidays and such. Oh and I keep forgetting to give a shout out to my brother Beau. He's officially engaged to the love of his live Eben and I couldn't be more happy for him. They've been off and on since they were in Jr. High and I love her to death. I think they're perfect for each other and I'm so excited to have her as my sister-in-law! Way to go Beau and picking a super duper winner! I'm so excited for you guys! I sure wish I could see what the ring looks like... nudge, nudge! Have an awesome Thanksgiving everyone and be safe. Don't hold back... enjoy! I know I will! Love you all!!


Tamie said...

hope that you have a good i changed our blog address to petersonpartypage (thought that it went better with the title of the blog better), didn't want you to get lost :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! I did the same thing and found yours also. I have no problem with ya dropping in!!! I must say reading yours inspires me. Regardless of what you think, I think you are a fantastic mother, a wonderful wife and just a great person in general. You are doing great, and you are absolutely beautiful pregnant! The struggles in life are just that life, and with your faith and strength, you for sure will overcome it. Keep up the great work, and keep up the blogs, I love reading them, you help to remind me what this life is really about and what we are here for. Love you tons!

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