Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

So yesterday Robert started his new, crappy schedule. He's had this schedule before a while ago and I hated then. I really hate it now. It was nice having him home in the morning. I even made him french toast and eggs for breakfast and I felt like a very good wife. He was saying how odd it was to actually have breakfast at breakfast time. Baily was totally confused all day. She knows that when daddy's home in the morning it's usually the weekend and she has all day with him. When he left she was all confused like "daddy doesn't go to work today." She kept asking about him all day. When it was time to eat dinner and we said the prayer she was not happy that we were eating without her daddy. Neither was I. She kept getting up to go see if he was in the potty or something. I love that she loves her dad so much and has such a strong relationship with him. It's true what they say... absense really does make the heart grow fonder. Not only did I miss him getting home early and giving me a break from Baily so I could get things done, but I really missed just him and his company. I was so bored and really missed the dumb every day conversations we have. He really is my whole world. I don't know how wives do it who's husbands are gone all the time on business trips or in the military. I would totally go crazy. Anyway I do want to note how awesome the talks I read today were. I know, I sound like a broken record but what can I say? I love to hear from modern day Prophet and Apostles. I read the last 3 talks of the Priesthood session and the first of the Sunday morning session... so 2 talks from Pres. Eyring. They were all so wonderful. Pres. Eyring's talk called "God Blesses the Faithful Priesthood Holder" was great. I just changed the phrase faithful Priesthood holder in my mind to faithful daughter of God. And I really felt blessed to read Pres. Hinckley's talk called "Slow to Anger." I hate to admit it but I really needed to hear it. While I was reading it I realized how short my temper is sometimes and how hard it is for my to control my anger. And then Pres. Eyring's other talk called "O Remember, Remember." Wow! I loved it when I heard it and loved it even more when I read it. I think I'm gonna start a special blog just so I can heed to the counsel from this talk about recognizing and remembering how God's hand blesses mine and my family's life every day. When Robert got home Baily and I were so excited. I heated up his dinner and while he ate I had our dessert of chocolate cream pie. Yum! We're gonna have to switch having our FHE's to Sunday since he gets home so late on Mondays. As much as I hate his new schedule and pray that it doesn't last long, I really think it's gonna help me love and appreciate my husband all that much more than I already do!

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Emily Loria said...

It's hard when husbands are gone, my husband is gone for 4-6 days a week with his job, so I've had to learn to be very independent. BUT, I have grown so much and cherish our time together that much more. Hope that his schedule changes soon, but while it is the way it is-- make mornings special, why not have FHE in the morning?! We have FHE anytime we can squeeze it in.