Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Night Out on the Town

Friday was pay day so of course I was busy in the morning with the budgeting, bill paying, grocery list making and all that fun adult stuff (not!!). After I got all my daily chores done I spent whatever little downtime I had reading my book. It was really hard to put down at that point. After Mya got picked up and Robert got cleaned up from working on his sister's car just he and I and Baily went for our weekly night out- our family date night. Robert was actually the one who reallyl wanted to go out this time which was unusual. We decided to go eat at Mango's even though Baily had been begging for pizza all day. I think she has an automatic sense that tells her when it's Friday because she starts asking for pizza and to go play as soon as she wakes up on Friday mornings. Anyway she seemed ok with Mango's and since we told her that her quesadilla was a pizza she seemed satisfied enough. She was in a really good mood and was having fun being silly with Robert's hat. After that we went to Mills Mall. We mostly just looked around and browsed since we don't have money to spend. We did find a shirt on clearance for Robert at Gap for 2.99 and 2 shirts for me at Old Navy for 2.97. Big spenders huh? We also indulged ourselves to a strawberry cheesecake and M&M's caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Yum! By the time we got back to the car I was spent and in a lot of pain from all that walking. I don't remember for sure but I'm almost postitive I probably fell asleep very quickly after we got home. I don't think I'll be taking many trips to the mall until after Bubba comes! It was so nice to be out with just me and my family though.

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Alex said...

Sounds like you all had fun. That cute little niece of mine and that new nephew of mine. I'm excited.