Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nice Family Saturday

Saturday was the start of a wonderful weekend with just me and my family all to myself. Sweet! After I got the house picked up and clean and we got ready Robert suggested going to the Arts & Crafts Festival at Fountain Hills. We didn't have hardly any money to spend but it was free entrance so we decided to just go check it out and get out of the house for a bit. I'm glad we did. Even though we were hot- again... it's November for cryin' out loud!!, we had fun. It was an awesome festival. I don't even think we made it through a quarter of the vendors. We saw lots of cool stuff. It would've been nice to be able to buy some of the stuff we saw but we still had fun looking. They had tons great food too that had our mouths watering. We were only able to get some kettle korn for Baily (she loooves that stuff) and a snow cone for Robert and lemonade for me but we at least got to smell and dream of all the good food they had. Maybe next year we can go and indulge ourselves a little bit. The Native American band Brule was there playing and they were so awesome. Baily absolutely loved the music and was totally jamming out to it. I just loved looking at the beautiful Native people (the drummer guy was so hot and I kept thinking of Jacob from the Twilight books... lol) and feeling their spiritual vibe. It was a lot of fun. I do have to mention a funny story that totally illustrates Robert's bad luck and how he always gets crapped on. After we got there we spent probably a good half hour trying to find a place to park... it was sooo crowded. We saw this guy about to pull out so we go and wait behind him and put our blinker on. Well the guy pulling out looks at Robert with this disgusted look and motions for him to keep driving- like he wasn't gonna pull out after all. So we're like whatever and we drive past him. Right after we do he pulls out and the car behind us gets our spot. We were both like what the crap?! We were so flabbergasted we just laughed instead of getting mad. That's seriously Robert's luck. We kept laughing and joking about it all day. Anyway, after we left the festival we went and ate at Barro's and since I was so beat and tired I didn't have much energy to eat. So after that we went home. We just pretty much took it easy and rested and chillaxed the rest of the day. The talks I read were 3 from the Priesthood session. These always seem to be my favorite talks because, even though they're for the Priesthood members, I always get so much out of them. I love how much bolder they are and the Brethren just lay it on the line and say it like it is. I loved Elder Perry's talk called "Raising the Bar" and Brother Hallstrom's talk called "Do It Now." I remember that the funny story he told in his talk was the only one Robert remembered when I asked him what they talked about in Priesthood session. We only had soup and sandwiches for dinner since neither of us was that hungry. We watched "Home Alone" and cracked up the whole time and we all crashed pretty early. It was nice, simple, family time Saturday.

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