Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fabulous Fifties Fun!

So Friday day time consisted of same ol' same ol' day-to-day stuff. We didn't go to the temple because I really felt like Robert's mom wasn't in the mood to baby-sit Baily for us which was a bummer. After Mya got picked up Robert, Baily and I left to go on our 50's date... well I guess more like family outing. However we realized our car's transmission is about to go out so we only went to eat and then brought the car back. I have no idea what we're gonna do about our car. I know it can cost up to $1000 to get the transmission fixed which, surprise, surprise- we so cannot afford. This couldn't happen at a worse time- right before Christmas and right before Bubba's born. But even though we are stressed about this there seems to be a peace and calm present... peace beyond understanding. I honestly feel like it's just a blessing of us finally being at a point in our life where we've been honestly paying our tithing for a while now and even though I don't know what we're gonna do to get through this, I know we will have His help and we will get through it. Anyway we are so blessed to have his sister lend us her van until we can get our car situation taken care of- we would be up a creek without her help. I think Baily thinks it's our new car and I wish it was. It's so nice to have that extra space. We might even trade our car in for one of these. We'll have to see how it goes. But for now we're just grateful to have this to help us out. Ok so enough about that. We went to this diner down the road fromour house called Giant Hamburgers. It has a 50's feel to it even though I don't think it's officially a 50's diner. The food was delicious but they should have played some 50's music or something... me and Robert were really in the mood to make it an all out 50's night. The milkshake, even though it doesn't look like much, is probably one of the best chocolate milkshakes I've ever had. It was sooooo good. Mmmm... I want one right now. Baily was a little rotten but she did enjoy like 2 bites of her grilled cheese and a few fries. (Remember how I used to brag about how good of an eater she is? Well for the past couple of weeks... not so much. She eats like a bird. But at least she's still not picky and when she does eat it's pretty much anything and everything.) Anyway after we ate we came home totally bummed that we couldn't go to the downtown Mesa 50's night. We were so looking forward to it. It turns out that his other sister let us borrow the car until his sister Loren got here so we were able to go down there for a little bit. It was so fun. There were TONS of classic cars driving all up and down Main and parked on the sides. There was even one that had real flames of fire coming out of it. It was PACKED. We've gone to a couple of these Friday Night Outs and it's never been that packed. It was great. We were a little disappointed that there wasn't live 50's music like they said there would be but it was still awesome- the best Friday Night Out we've ever been to. They had a bunch of Disney Princesses doing face paintings on the street and at first Baily wanted to get hers done but once we were up next she changed her mind. Daddy had to spoil his princess though and got her a little princess wand that she loved. Poor Baily... that's probably the closest she'll ever get to a Disney Land experience in who knows how long. Oh well... we had a lot of fun for the little amount of time we got to spend there. After we got home we rode with Loren out to her house in Queen Creek so we could bring the van back. When we got back into town we drove back down Main to see some more of the cars. It was a little stressful but ended up being a fun night.

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